No one’s created the game day topic yet so I figured I’d throw one up.


Sur le site RDS, un article de F. Daigle, sur les Alouettes:

« Montréal peut confirmer sa place en éliminatoires ».

Deux article de H. Zurkowski de Montréal Gazette sur les Alouettes:

« Inside the CFL: Alouettes Tyler Snead is short in stature, big in talent ».

« Alouettes will be missing Mack in bid to clinch playoff berth against Ottawa ».

Pour demain, je prévois une victoire des Alouettes 24-17, malgré l’absence de A. Mack ao à l’attaque et de C. Worthy sur les unités spéciales.

La défensive de Ottawa va être meilleure demain avec le retour de J. Santos-Knox si et M. Hunter dc.

En contre leur meilleur garde D. Desjarlais et leur botteur de précision L. Ward seront absents, étant blessés sur la liste des blessés pour 6 parties.

Go Als

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With Chandler Worthy being 6-gamed, James Letcher will have a chance to demonstrate whether or not Chandler Worthy is replaceable or not. Of course right now, it is not even certain that Letcher is an capable CFL returner. It is possible that Letcher struggles and the Als finish the season using a rotating door of returners by including in the mix players like Tyson Philpot and Tyler Snead.

From PFF:

  • It was a bounce-back week for the Alouettes’ offensive line. The unit earned a 79.6 group pass-blocking grade and a 64.8 run-blocking grade.

  • Gagnon (84.2) and Lawrence (82.1) had perfect weeks in pass protection, recording 82.0-plus grades and not allowing a single pressure.

  • Ottawa is one of two teams to post a 40.0%-plus pressure rate in a game against Montreal this season, accomplishing that back in Week 1.

  • The Alouettes’ defense has been dominant against the Redblacks this season. Across their two games, they have earned an 89.9 overall grade, an 81.1 pass-rush grade and an 81.2 run-defense grade.

Lors des parties du 15 et 23 septembre, les Alouettes n’avaient qu’un substitut pour les postes de la ligne tertiaire, Z. Lindley.

Le 30 septembre, les Alouettes ont deux remplacements pour la ligne tertiaire: Z. Lindley et D. McNary Jr., une amélioration.

En contre partie, comme bloqueur défensif, il n’y a que deux joueurs A. Sewell et M. Johnson et aucun substitut, V. Desjardins étant sur la liste des blessés pour 1 partie.

Avec deux bloqueurs défensifs, les Alouettes sont plus à risque s’il a une blessure à un bloqueur défensif puisque pour la rotation sur la formation 3-4 ou pour la formation 4-3, ils devront utiliser un ailier défensif.

Mais avec des alignements de 44 joueurs et le ratio américain/canadien/global, ce genre de situation se retrouve dans les équipes de la CFL.

Ottawa’s run defense is better than Calgary’s, but they struggle in pass coverage. Having said that, I don’t think we can afford to neglect the run. If I were Maas, I’d try to bounce Stanback to the outside early and mix in some RPO where Cody has the green light to run, throw on the run, or hand off to Stanback. Don’t let Ottawa settle into a rhythm. Tire them out by forcing them to play wide before you run inside.

Mack being out is a perfect opportunity for KJG to have a big game. Good opportunity for Spieker too, since he’s going to be taking Mack’s place on the short side of the field.

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R … P … O

Does Maas understand the concept?

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In Maas’s defence, Cody wasn’t making great decisions on the RPO earlier in the season. Handing off when he should have kept it and keeping it when he should have handed off. So Maas went to more designed run plays. But those don’t allow the QB to make the optimal choice after the ball is snapped.

Trevor Harris was a lot better at reading when to hand off and when to pass.


If toronto beats the bombers with their back up it would be very impressive

their 0 LINE is so dominant

So far…so far.

Saving grace for Jason Maas is there’s an even worse coach than him in the CFL - and that coach’s name is Bobby Dyce.
Biggest difference is Dyce is a well-liked and somewhat respected incompetent.

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Ok so David Cote is a problem, we are last in field goal percentage. I am thinking it is time to sit him for a game or two. Bring on Maltas.


Perhaps one of the softest nicknames I’ve come up with in my 23+ yrs posting on CFL sites but here goes:

Bobby Nyce

and Nyce guys finish last as the saying goes . . .

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You can’t go into the playoffs with Coté playing the way he is AND Fajardo not able to find the end zone more than occasionally.


Only ONE of those two MIGHT change

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The Argos will be heavily favored no matter who they draw in the EF. . . . . . . however, The Als might give them a heckuva game - at least for 30 to 40 minutes! Hamilton is just not with it! No words can describe the futility in Ottawa!

I don’t think we can hang with Toronto yet, but yeah, if we win our playoff game, we might give them a mild challenge in the EDF.

A couple of things.

  • If you didn’t watch this game live, you missed some wild and wacky plays, starting with Antwi dribble-kicking the ball over the LOS on second and long, then recovering his own “fumble” to give us a fresh set of downs. Then you had Zema forcing a fumble on a punt return with a KICK as he was falling, and Lemon “intercepting” a ball that hit the Ottawa goalposts.
  • There was a large contingent of Als fans at Ottawa today and they made themselves heard. Air horns, cheers, and even “defence!” chants when Ottawa’s offence was on the field. Well done.

On the video here, more footage of Lemon and Dequoy doing their best Abbott & Costello routine. :slight_smile: Gotta like that.

They have to get by the Ticats first. Frankly, i have no confidence in CF.

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