Montreal @Ottawa live:

Nobody posted a live thread for this game tonight?!?! : Hopes a prayers going out to that injured ALS player just tuned in didn't get the name : Massive hit :cry: head to head contact

It was Hefney. I really hope they were just being overprotective with the stretcher and taking so long. Very upsetting.

Concussion. Was conscious and moving extremities when leaving the field

Did see the sideline report a few minutes ago that diagnosed a concussion but mentioned that he had gone to the hospital for further evaluation - still had feeling in his extremities so looks like there is no spinal injury which is a positive.

Looked for game day threads here last weekend and found none - not even much on the main board. Must have been an off week - but then unless it’s a Ticats game, there aren’t always too many posting comments on the games.

Earlier tonight, around 7:20...

Me: Whoa! What's that noise?
Wife: Sounds like a plane.
Me: Must be really low. Weird.
Wife: [opens door] Wow, that is loud. Are we under attack? [chuckle]
Me: [going to door, looking up] See anything?
Wife: Over there, going fast. Definitely a jet.
Me: Yeah, F-18.
Me: Duh. The game's in town tonight. Flyover.
Wife: Kinda dark for a flyover, isn't it?
Me: Not with the afterburners.
Wife: Yeah, that would be impressive. Love that sound.

Totally agree with her. We have tickets to the Ticats game here in November (right behind our bench). With any luck at all, they'll have another F-18 flyover for that game.

Lots of comment on how Ottawa and Montreal have a couple of short weeks here - tough of course - but don't think the Ticats got much sympathy when they played 5 games in 24 days in August :roll:
OTTRBs continue to move the ball while the Als can't seem to sustain a drive for more than a few plays.
Looks like Shorthill is hurt - leaves the LBs pretty thin for the birds,

I remember saying this a few times when he played for us, but really, Williams wobbles, but he won’t fall down.

The other GOLDBLACKS are having pretty good games too.

We had that treat a dusk flyover a few years back at Ivor Wynne with afterburners :thup: awesome sight

Milo with a chip shot adds another 3 to the OTTRBs score. 17-3

Dr Burris performing some serious surgery!! Gades marching down…

20:3 Gades

Amazing what you can do when you have receivers who actually catch the ball!! :wink: :lol:
Total offense right now 231 Ottawa- 52 Larks who are not sure not flying tonight. :oops:

AC looks lost with that Clipboard!! :?

CW now Sinopoli !! Buries is in a Zone!

I don't think I've seen Burris release the ball this quickly before. The Ottawa receivers are getting open immediately, and Burris is hitting them in stride.

Good Hank is here to play.

And yes, it definitely helps that his receivers are coming up with the catches.

(And just as I type this, a receiver misses a tough catch, and Burris drills one into the ground in front of another.)

The way the Larks D players are falling like flies, they'll be wising that they could've played Muamba tonight!

Problem with short weeks (or too many of them in a row) is that too many players are often lost to injury with not enough time to recover in between games. Look at all the players that the Ticats lost in the last game vs the larks which was at the end of a tough stretch of games.

Good point by TSN Panel why are they risking Burris on short yardage sneaks?!

I do think that he got tossed into the deep end of the pool a bit too soon - and that's no knock on his ability, knowledge of the game, intelligence or work ethic. And I've never been impressed with Dinwiddie :roll:

Has to be a little bit of "Bad" Hank in there for "old times sake" :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Not sure why, but I get the sense that Sinopoli used to play QB.

I can't believe we lost to these guys - twice!