montreal offense or poor rider defense?

they look horrible on defense. it is just sickening. is it montreals offense that is good or just poor defense

To me, it was much like T.O.'s Defence. They let Troy Davis to run all over them, but the Argos still got the W... Same thing happened with the riders tonight.

MONTREAL Alouettes

Passing (comp/att/yds) 24/36/289
Rushing (att/yds) 22/81
Total Yards (Net) 324
Sacks Allowed 5
Turnovers 1

Yeah Mtl ran rampant over the overwhelmed defense. Calvillo a guy who has thrown for 5,000 yds was held under 300 yds and NO passing touchdowns. Holy crap people show some optimism. Yes they turned the ball over 5 times, but they ended up winning the game.

Thats basically what i was saying...

I know that j-man, I was referring to the initial post. It was very nice to see them finally pressure Calvillo.

Yeah, it was nice to see AC sitting on his ass

Remided me of this nice picture of AC i keep in the depths of my mind... A picture of him sulking in a hamilton dugout wearing a tabbie jersey.... tee-hee!