Montreal next week..

Does anyone know how I can get tickets for montrael next week? Do the Ticats reserve tickets that I could purchase? I have tried through the Montreal website and it says that there are no abailable tickets.

Don't tell anybody that I'm trying to help, cause I don't want to ruin my reputation as a $%@#@@., that a few of the posters seem to have of me.

With the Als playing so well, tickets from the scalpers will cost $$$$$$$$ so try a couple of my suggestions.

Rather than the website, call the ticket office directly, ask about the "option play", where season ticket holders can turn in their tickets if they can't attend a game, if not, ask if they have any seats one in front of each other...I know that this isn't ideal but the first season tickets that I were able to buy (after an 6 year wait) were not side by each.

If that doesnt work call this store in Lasalle...Jacques Moreau Sports. This is a sports store that is pretty well football only...and usually have endzone seats available. Not a great view but the atmosphere is great....don't worry, contrary to some places...ahem....nobody will spit on you or challange you to a fight..

Good luck, and let me know how you make out.

  1. The Als are never not playing well.

  2. When you only have 20,000 seats its always hard to get a seat. Or have they done the expansion on Molson?

Nah the expension should be for next season...

You are right, tickets are always tough to get, but by hook or by crook there are always ways to find a couple...

As far as scalpers go, the prices go up significantly when the team is on a roll.

If any Cat fans need help to find a ticket, it would be my pleasure to give them a hand....

I have a question..

If the Als started playing every game at the Big O again could they not draw more than 20 thousand? I understand Molson stadium is downtown and much easier to get to along with being a better place to see a game.

My point is that there are over 3X the seats at the big O. I would think only having 20 thousand seats to sell in a city of 4-5 million would hurt the team financially. Obviously not hurt them enough to go under as they have been doing it for years. I just think the owner would make more if the team played at the O again.

I have always felt it to be such a shame that all you Montreal tax payers paid over a billion for that thing yet it sits there unused.

I really can't answer in any way other than to say that the Big O is such a putrid place to watch anything because of poor sightlines, it's always damp and doesn't have close to the atmosphere that Molson has....

The Als management has determined that with 5,000 more seats and at the current price structure, thaey can make money.....hope so cause like the Caretaker, Bob Wettenhall has been digging deep into his pockets for years. At best he has broken even, but most years he has lost.

BTW, if you have read a few of my posts, you know that I am a big fan of real football stadiums, I get teary eyed when I am in IWS, loved Frank Clair/ Landsdowne, but a nice summer night on Mount Royal in Molson Stadium is an experience that every fan should try....

I guess that as impractical as Molson is, (no parking, shuttle busses, 20,000 capacity for bathrooms for 120,) Not to mention the narrow exits (it can take 25 minutes to leave the stadium after a close game). people enjoy these annoyances and the atmosphere is one big party (which often continues on Crescent St. which is a 20 minute walk away.

That does sound pretty fun. That place has always looked like a fun place to see a game.

I always like watching the games on TV from Molson Stade...crowd always seems to be revved up, got the nice city-scape in the background. Just looks like football. Hopefully the extra 5,000 seats don't change that significantly.

I think they're doing it right...keep the demand high, expand slowly and don't compromise the experience. The big Owe looks terrible for football unless there are over 50,000 there. So, good for a game a year or playoffs.

If you’re willing to look at your Montreal game as a sort of vacation expense, scalpers are probably your best bet. The missus and I have been able to get tix three times but you do pay 'cause it’s a seller’s market. If you’ve never been to the stadium, you really should check it out at least once. It’s sort of built into its surroundings rather than on top like most stadiums. I’m anxious to see how they’re going to add 5,000 seats to a site that seems to be pretty landlocked.

Good luck

An Argo-Cat fan