Montreal new owner Presser

Always good to know your competition


this guy is also about Aquire Freedom Mobile from Shaw and Rogers

This could directly or indirectly lead to other TV or Streaming options for the CFL for 2025 and beyond!! Maybe down the road a new stadium for Montreal as well?


I been to Mcgill it's why to cramped at halftime it's impossible to move anywhere
And forget about using the bathrooms while you're at there they're way too small
So a new stadium or an upgrade of the old Big O should be on the agenda

Hopefully this will lead to many years of prosperity for the league
But they're still this nagging problem in Toronto it's called the Argos
Yes they have ownership with pockets but they really don't spend the money needed to succeed in the market

They're too busy spending money on the Blue Jays or soccer team
They pick the decent owner this time they finally picked a quebecor
Which in my opinion should have been done the first time
Spiegel was a mistake.

Perhaps a renovation of McGill... But no chance they're getting a new stadium.

Sounds very promising



As an owner of a Media Company that is in direct competition with Bell…he will want the broadcast rights to Als games in Quebec

Not sure if the people at Bell are happy with this

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We're still a couple years away from that possibility. Unless he wants to buy them from Bell

Nothing wrong with McGill Stadium…

It’s unfortunate for Montreal fans the ownership situation wasn’t resolved before free agency. At least it’s done.


You are correct as the current broadcast deal is still in place

But I still think some eyebrows in the Bell Boardroom were raised…unless the League let them know of their intentions…and Bell was okay with it


McGill is fine for the Als

Not everything has to be shiny and new immediately once a sale takes place


McGill is a beautiful stadium in an even better location!


The question is does the league have the guts to parcel off the French rights only and you know they'll outbid TSN for them.

If that helps football in Montreal bring it on.


I wonder if this fellow is a CFLer

or a

Like Tannenbaum??

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probably whatever brings the ownership the best chance of profit.
I'd assume all the privately owned teams would have the same goal.


We should be. Competition makes the price go up.......

Substantial money was spent in 2010 to modernize and enlarge McGill to its present capacity of 25K... unfortunately consisting primarily of bleachers. The focus of any renovation should be transitioning to proper stadium seating... even though that would certainly reduce capacity.

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F#@k Bell.

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