Montreal new GM: History repeated

Richard ... but his contract demands were too high

OK, that I can get with. Lucky is a relative term, I guess. ;D

But we’re not talking about a minimum-wage job with no benefits. GMs have been hired in early January before. It’s not without precedent.

Okay teams, here is a 5-part question related to history being repeated.

  1. My father was a politician, dogged by scandal. For 40 points, who am I ?

  2. I control the narrative via a symbiotic relationship with the media. For
    30 points, who am I ?

  3. After high-profile blunders, my career had a lengthy "wilderness years"
    phase. For 20 points, who am I ?

  4. It was said of me "He is a man of action. If he can't find something
    constructive to do, he will manage to find a way to do something
    destructive". For 10 points, who am I ?

  5. I am not the ghost of Bob Cadman but for 0 points and a bucket of
    short snappers, who am I ?

After reading this story, I wonder if the League told the new owners we will sell you the team but you have to hire Maciocia as GM and have a bi-lingual President

Alouettes completely revamp their off-field look for 2020

"When Randy Ambrosie met with certain prospective ownership groups, there was much talk that Maciocia’s name was mentioned frequently by the league’s commissioner, to the point where one had to wonder if the hiring of Maciocia in some capacity was a prerequisite in order to purchase the Montreal Alouettes.

Sure enough, this past Monday saw another press conference called by the Montreal Alouettes. Gary Stern was there front and centre and the topic was making public the possibly the worst-kept secret of the league: Danny Maciocia would be named the third general manager of this current Alouettes’ era.
Joining Maciocia as a new Alouette executive was former Quebec media giant Mario Cecchini, named the team’s new president."

Are Ambrosie and Maciocia buddies? Why did Ambrosie keep foisting him on ownership groups?

Yes history does repeat itself, but it never does in the exact same way twice. There's always some new wrinkle, a different twist. Most of the worst mistakes I've made in the investment business have been seeing historical parallels and assuming that events would again unfold as they did previously. It's all too often not so though.


What Ambroise’s motives are not known here. However if any sale was tied to having Macioca being forced… which would seem like a handicap, they still for the team sold and very likely the most of the other prospective ownership groups would have hired him too.

Gotta give the devil his due here I think.

Until a former bidder publicly states they would have had to hire Machiocia I assume it is media stirring of the pot … DM was asked about other groups in his press conference and he said he has been asked to prepare a report about CFL in Montreal … ’