Montreal new coach is ...

The Montreal Gazette is reporting tonight that Trestman will be the Als' head coach, and that Marcel B guy (can't remember how to spell his last name) may be coming to Hamilton as OC. Charlie's talked to him already according to the article.
Here's the link: There's a link on the opening page to the story which was just posted a few minutes ago.

Trestman? You have got to be effing kidding me. With all the talented people available, we're hiring a guy with no prior CFl experience? Just because he had one guest coaching session last season? Bah.

The Gazette has been known to be wrong in the past. Here's hoping this is such a case.

CJAD made the same announcement this morning

Is this is the same guy. here is his resume
Years Title Location
2005-2006 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach NC State
2004 Quarterback Coach & Assistant Head Coach Miami Dolphins
2002-2003 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Oakland Raiders
2001 Assistant Coach Oakland Raiders
1998-2000 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Arizona Cardinals
1997 Quarterback Coach Detroit Lions
1995 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach San Francisco 49ers
1990-1991 Quarterback Coach Minnesota Vikings
1989 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Cleveland Browns
1988 Quarterback Coach Cleveland Browns
1987 Quarterback Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1985-1986 Running Backs Coach Minnesota Vikings
1983-1984 Quarterback Coach Miami-FL

From the link onknight gave

At the same time, don't be surprised if the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announce the addition of Marcel Bellefeuille to their staff. Bellefeuille was the Als' offensive coordinator in 2007, after serving as the team's running-backs and receivers coach the previous season. Bellefeuille, who couldn't be reached for comment, is expected to join the Ticats in a similar capacity.

So then we'd end up with a head coach with NO CFL experience to speak of, and two new coordinators.....

This is a recipe for success?

Well See you back in Montreal with Charlie and other guy Name Marcel next season.
We can't get Get Rid of these guys named Marcel. We Fire one hire another in Hamilton.

There will be a Train load of Ticats Fan Coming back to Montreal for one of the Games.

From the link ONknight gave.

'Ticats head coach Charlie Taaffe said yesterday
he had met Bellefeuille, but was otherwise non-committal.

"He’s got experience. He has had success as a coordinator.

He’s a quality coach.

I got to know him better and we’ll see where it goes.

But I’m going to interview people for the
better part of the week," Taaffe said.’

Taafe can't be commital until the Als name a HC. Bellefeuille still has a year on his contract with MTL.

Apparently the Als have a final run of interviews next week with Hall, Marshall and one of Price or Trestman.

I am sorry to have to say this but if the Als hire a HC with no CFL coaching experience after last season's fiasco it proves to me that there was a much larger problem in that organisation then Jim Popp.

When you add the defection of Jones and Thorpe and you add a HC with no CFL experience. The Als will be isolating themselves from the CFL fraternity. I rate their chance of success at less then 20%.

At least a guy like Hall or Marshall can bring talent and could convince experienced position coach's to take a coordinator job in Montreal.

Smith listed five criterias and may possibly meet none of his criterias. Maybe people will finaly understand that Wettenhaul and Smith are part of the problem.

Well if it's down to Hall, Marshall, Price and Trestman, my vote goes to Marshall first, Hall a close second, and as for the other two pick 'em. Sure hope it isn't a done deal for Trestman.

Would be surprising if it was true. I thought that the organization would hire a defencive guy after allowing Chris Jones to move on. Also, I had not heard that the second round of interviews was conducted already.

The more I think about it, it just HAS to be Marshall or Hall.

Looking at Trestman's pedigree. I can see why the Als are contemplating revisiting their criterias. This guy's pedigree is unheard of as a coach coming to the CFL.

He's shown he can learn at lightining speed. Looks like he is regarded as one of the brightest football minds in US football.

You can find out a lot more about him on his website.

Having said that he is a "gypsy" and has never assended to a HC job. Why?

Now would a coaching staff made up of Trestman and possibly Price and who knows Higgins as coordinators be a possibiltiy? Could be expensive...but Wettenhaul ain't cheap...

Well better off I think to have Marshall or Hall as Head Coach and look at Trestman as an offensive coordinator.

And maybe that is where they are heading. Als have certainly played it close to the vest. Whatever happens the Als are looking at a completely new coaching staff. This makes sense since they kept Popp.

Berry in Winnipeg expressed doubts that Marshall was going to get a final interview so it looks like there is something to Herb's article but how it all lines up is still a mystery. I also wonder if Matthews will be offered a consultant role for this new staff? If they go with a four down coach that might be advisable.

I cannot believe this decision. I simply can’t believe it. How could they drop the ball and hire a head coach with no CFL experience when we have just lost our entire coaching staff at the same time? This is insane.

You saw what happened with Taaffe’s assistants this past year in Hamilton. If Smith thinks that Tressman can just waltz in here and pick up the Canadian game lickety-split, he’s a fool.

Depends who the assistants are. Taafe and Price were both successful coming from the US and they had nowhere near the credentials Tresman has. Everyone is gaga over Hufnagel and Tresman has a lot better resume then Hufnagel.

If the assistants are guys like Price, Higgins with CFL experience this could work. We'll have to wait and see.

I don't know about Price, but Taaffe was coming into an established Alouettes organization, not one completely in flux which had just lost its DC, special teams coach, and probably OC if Bellefeuille goes to Hamilton. It's a lot easier to be successful when the structure is already in place to be successful.

I do agree that Tresman's assistants are going to be crucial in determining how this team fares this year. I just hope that Tresman understands that he needs CFL vets who understand the Canadian game in those roles, not U.S. college coaches who have never coached a snap of three-down football.

I don't know where Herb is getting his info. Als said they were not going to updated the press during the process and no other outlet has put out any information so at this point we have to let the process come to an end. Tresman may not even be considered for the HC position for all we know. I am intrigued by Tresman but he's also a bit of a Gypsy and the Als should be looking at stability in a HC not someone trying to make a name for himself to return to the NFL.