Montreal media not happy with Ambrosie : Will he end up killing the team?

Damn bouleshite! The sale process of the Alouettes is bouleshite from top to bottom.

I do not even know if the owners of CFL teams who are the ones who are going to assume the millions of dollars in losses this season for the Alouettes are aware how much the Commissioner Randy Ambrosie is pounding (actually said fooking) over everyone.

I know it is a big claim (Fooking). In the Larousse dictionary, it is mentioned that “stuffing” can mean deceiving the customers by modifying the smelt of an alloy. In other words, selling tin for gold.

In the Quebec dictionary, it’s more direct. It can be a vulgar form of “making love” or the most common sense of being ripped off.

Put it simply. Ambrosie, perhaps without the other eight owners of the Canadian Football League teams knowing it, is trying to fook Quebeckers over.

And all that is being leaked out to the media is baloney, not filet mignon. A way to resell the carcass of the charred remains of roadkill.

The valet of service

It is true that Ambrosie is trying to sell the Alouettes to the Lenkov brothers, former Montrealers living in California. They promised to bring Celine Dion to sing O Canada! since Peter Lenkov has brilliantly succeeded in the scriptwriting and production of American series such as CSI: NY.

The problem and this is the scam, is that the brothers are desperately looking for a local puppet to run the Alouettes by suckingup to the good folks of this town. A servant, a valet who will speak the same language as the villagers.

Now Clifford Starke, a lovable sweetheart dealing in moving cannabis smoke around, wants to get back into the picture. On Sunday, at the Grand Prix, all real potential investors knew that the Lenkov brothers called Eric Lapointe every other day (probably since yesterday, Starke has just added to the list of calls Eric Lapointe jas to return.

The idea is to turn Eric into a trick a la Claude Brochu with a token percentage of the ownership. According to a reliable source, Lapointe is not even returning their calls or emails.

I will make it even more crystal clear. If the Alouettes are not bought by a group of local investors, ideally led by Éric Lapointe, they will die within three years.

Quebeckers will not embark on a trip with Californians who think they are buying a toy in Montreal. Even less behind a liquidator of pot companies. The fans were scalded. They need to feel that people from home will be involved in the transformation of the organization.

The Lenkovs have exclusive negotiations that ends this Saturday. If Ambroisie gives them an extension, we will know that the Alouettes aren’t long for this world.

If Ambrosie is the least honest with Alouette fans and investors and investors in Quebec, he will remind Éric Lapointe and his group to resume negotiations. Éric Lapointe is the only prospect who has the love, the passion, the youth, the business and football skills to revive this once so prestigious and adored organization.

Lapointe’s plan is already known by Ambrosie. Unfortunately, because the Commissioner listened to the Californian sirens instead of working with people from Montreal, the 2019 season is already destined for disaster. Even if Lapointe bought the team on Monday morning, it’s too late for this year. No way to dismiss general manager Kavis Reed and rebuild the team before next season.

The real value of the Alouettes is about a buck. And buyers will have to expect losses of about five or six million for the next three seasons at least. Starting in 2020. The other owners of the CFL will have to pay a loss of at least five million in 2019 for the Alouettes.

I’m not shedding a tear for them, it’s their fault. They had in hand an offer from Lapointe and his group to restructure and finance this club for months with a dozen investors willing to risk at least a million in the adventure would have made any businessman dream. You already know them. Their names have been making headlines for years. They agreed three months ago before the clown Ambrosie made a mess of the whole thing.

Judging by my multiple conversations Sunday (Grand Prix), these investors could be convinced once again to get in with Lapointe. Then fans in Quebec would support this project. They would trust the effort. Otherwise, it will be the end. And it’s not pessimism, it’s realism.

I would like to tell you more about Éric Lapointe’s position, but he is content to answer by a short text that he has nothing to comment on.

He will eventually learn to live if he becomes the owner one day.

-Réjean Tremblay : Journal de Montréal

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I would say the statement of Ambroise (and the board) not happy with the Montreal media is just as valid.

The CFL would have had to pay at least 15-20 million for the team, and I really doubt they wouldn’t want that back by selling the team. IMO if the CFL wanted the Als to fail, they would have just neglected them, not bought them.

If Ambrosie can’t come to terms with someone, but insists on selling the Alouettes then the league should just put them up for auction. This team is bankrupt in all ways but officially.

Otherwise stop trying to con someone cause the Als are a fixer upper

Well what have they bought exactly? They’ve bought time. I doubt they have cut a cheque to the Wetenhall. So they are going to invest maybe five million bucks to run the team, could end up being ten million if things go really south.

If they can’t find a buyer, they will shutter the team down at the end of the season and take the write off.

Zero risk for the league and they save the season and maybe find a new owner.

I’m not saying I agree with this reporter, as far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the worst nativists and unpleasant people in the business. Just pointing out that things have gone horribly wrong.

Rejean Tremblay is not the “Montreal media.”

He is one of the most influential and read sports columnist whether we like it or not.

I’ve read similar things from Hepell, JC and others.

So what’s your point?

If they can't find a buyer, they will shutter the team down at the end of the season and take the write off.

Zero risk for the league and they save the season and maybe find a new owner.

Makes sense what you’re saying Hf. Still blows my mind how the Als were such a great team and seemingly great franchise overall and then this! The Expos as well were a pretty darn good franchise at one time, not big winners on the field, but a solid franchise. Weird.

My point is you tend to over exaggerate.

Where is the media getting their information? Whether it is true or not, it Sounds pretty one sided. Is this guy related or have a love interest in Lapointe, because wow, Lapointe must be infallible.

During the CBA, the league did not share much.
During this alouettes issue, the league has shared limited information.

Tremblay the reporter is a Quebec nationalist and therefore wants Lapointe.

He has made a lot of money writing soap operas and hangs out with Quebec Inc. high rollers. The information he wrote was obtained at the Grand Prix from one or more of Lapointe`s potential investors.

It’s possible Lapointe’s investors are frustrated at being shut out, and Tremblay channeled this frustration in his article. It doesn’t mean it’s all true.

At this point, the league is on the hook for this season. They have time.

They should publicly apologize to fans and prospective owners. State they are restarting the process and hand it over to an expert firm.

I am Sheldon

Johnny thinks the Montreal market is too important for the CFL/Ambrosie to sabotage.

Ambrosie is doing a bad job of finding buyers, but Johnny doesn’t believe he is intentionally trying to kill the team. Although, that might be the result of his actions.

And he does have a BOG to report to. He somehow has a friendship with Maciocia, but he can`t go rogue.

it’s the HC fault
It’s the GM’s fault
It’s the Qb’s fault
It’s the media’s fault
It’s the owner’s fault
It’s the CFL’s fault
It is Machoicia’s fault
It is Ambrosie’s fault

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crew needing to find a target to blame.


The Perfect Storm

Cue Kevin O’Leary about when it’s time to take the ailing beast or business behind the shed.