Montreal media drops Alouettes

It appears that the Montreal media has all but dropped the Alouettes from the radar. Comments heard " The organization is arrogant from the coach on up to the president.

Can a pro sports team operate with little or no coverage by local papers and sports shows? Two seasons ago Matthews locked them out of the locker room, this time it looks like the Montreal media has quietly decided to move on.

Personaly I don't think the Montreal media is very knowledgeable about our game and Coach Matthews isn't a guy who will tolerate interference or stupidity.

When Matthews locked the media out of the locker room, it was because one media representative got out of the locker room with confidential infos he found there while he shouldn’t have, and published them.

The problem in Quebec is people don’t make a difference between a star and a known person. A journalist is a known person. But they act like they are stars and figure they should be treated like ones. Fans don’t care if the coach isn’t polite with media representatives. They want a coach who gets wins on the board.

Plus, not all media reprensentatives have problems with the Don. RDS’ David Arseneault for instance has no problem talking with the Don and getting answers. But 1) Arseneault doesn’t act like a prima dona, and 2) he asks intelligent questions.

If you notice well, the ones complaining are always the same…

Good let the media distract the Habs while the Al's quietly win the Grey Cup and then when the media comes crawling back Mathews and company can tell them to F### OFF. I hate all the dumbasses in the Montreal media in both Languages.

Good points. Yes two years ago a reporter published the lineup and injured list posted in the locker room for the upcoming game at mid-week If I remember.

There are a couple guys like Arsenault and Vercheval that have a good raport with the team but for the most part most of them are at constant "war" with the team.

Now that they have moved on to harass the Habs ,the team probably can work in peace. Too bad Montreal reporters don't understand between reporting and interfering.