Montreal Media Coverage Of Grey Cup

La Presse (Bujold) and Journal de Montreal (Levesque) both have reporters in Vancouver.

Bujold rarely went on Als road games, but I guess it`s tough to resist a great city like Vancouver.

Haven`t seen anything from Herb in The Gazette as yet.

CFL player awards are tonight - of the 3 Als nominees Bourke would seem to be the only possible winner. Good luck Josh!

Herb is not in Vancouver,unless there has been a recent change by Gazette Management.

I agree that Josh Bourke has the best chance to win Offensive lineman, but I say it will be Olafioye of BC,as for MOP with Lulay. Other winners should/will be: Messam as best canadian,Owens as special team player,Williams as rookie and Johnson as defensive player.


As a Gazette subscriber it certainly bothers me that my local team`s beat reporter cannot report from the Grey Cup.

And I have to say I feel badly for Herb, irritating as he can be sometimes. He is afterall in the CFL Reporters Hall Of Fame and should be in Vancouver.

I guess a reflection on the tough times corporate Postmedia is going through.

Nothing can be as bad as the media here in Toronto.

But you at least get to rest easy knowing which color of Froot Loop is Brian Burke's favorite. The gazette here usually has one article per week on an als game. In a game the als arent playing in I suspect the Grey Cup result will be a small article at the bottom of the front page the day after

Congratulations to Josh Bourke for his Most Outstanding Lineman win.

I listened to his speech on the TSN website and it was classy of him to thank his fellow o-linemen, mentioning all of them, even the obscure Bomben, Matte, and Hashem.

Also from the way he thanked Popp, Lalonde and particularly Mr. Wettenhall, you have to assume he resigned with the team sometime during the season, even though never announced.

X2 Congrats and thanks to Josh Bourke. :thup:

Ryan Bomber- 5 th round draft choice in 2010 has been a success story with the team. As a relief offense tackle and, occasional tight end his blocking has been positively noted this past season.

Herb writes that Josh Bourke has signed,during the season, a contract extension through 2013; this extension was never made public by the Als. You always wonder why it was not made public.


Wow, Tim Burke has become a superstar in Winnipeg. :roll:

So annoying that the media pays no attention to most Alouette players and coaches until after they leave Montreal. All of a sudden, they trot out the Montreal credentials and start writing story after story on guys like Tim Burke, Avon Cobourne, Chris Jones, etc.

we all heard about Calvillo’s greatness while an alouette
we all heard about his and wife’s cancers
we all heard about Cobournes homeless past while he was still an alouette
we all saw the drippy special on Popp and his family when he moved back to the states
we have 5 stories a year on popps genius
Richardson got lots in Montreal after he left Sask
we’ve all read where Trestman is a genius
I’ve seen 4 interviews with your owner
whyte has 3 x the pub there than when in bc
whitaker’s past was a story on tsn twice

need I go on or are you only interested in Montreal …are you even going to watch the game?

Good points, Flag.

I guess we all get a little too cranky after having been spoiled for more than a decade. It's actually a good thing that other teams have improved their games and W-L records. It will make the league that much more competitive. This year, any team could beat any other team any given weekend.

Thats probably true jkm.
I do wonder tho because of lengthy stays in Montreal ( my fav Can city , well tied with Halifax) whether the fans there are only fans of their teams, not necessarily of the leagues or even the game itself. This goes certainly for football and to a lesser extent hockey. Its always seems to just be about Montreal and winning.

Flag? Good points? :lol: Guy's nothing but an idiot troll.

I wish Winnipeg all the best in their pursuit of the Grey Cup. I like Tim Burke, and it would be great for one of the young HCs in the league (LaPolice) to win a Cup. But I still find the hyperfocus on Burke to be very annoying, because he never received that attention when he was in Montreal. Apparently, when you're an Alouette, your success just isn't worth talking about, but as soon as you move to another team, it becomes a never-ending story.

ahhh sorry dap
i forgot that anyone coming into your club without permission from you is subject to unmoderated rude behavior.

anyway…off to enjoy the game

Ahh, don't let him bother you. As knowledgeable as d&p is, just like a number of others on these forums, he isn't immune to the temptations of spiteful posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spiteful? Not in the least. Flag is just a troll. He has proven it many times. He delights in coming in here to stir up trouble, and pretends that the sky is falling whenever our franchise hits any kind of adversity. On a personal level, he's been relentlessly malicious, petty, and spiteful toward me for a long time, even when I took the time to try to meet him halfway. I'll be as courteous as you want, but I have a limit, and if you keep being a rude troll even when I am trying to compromise, I will eventually write you off. So he's on my Foe list, and I'm much better off. But again, this has nothing to do with spite. He's a jackass.

Haha, I didn't say he was immune to being spiteful either. And indeed, the foe list is a wonderful thing sometimes. :wink:

In fact, why bother even talking about the people on your foe list if you're already ignoring them? Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

Absolutely. Most of the time, I don't bother, but I also don't like it when trolls like Flag ignore the whole story and malign me to other members. There's a reason why he's on my Foe list, and it has nothing to do with spite. :slight_smile:

Getting back to the topic of the Grey Cup, I am having a hard time picking sides for this one. Frankly, I would be equally happy if either team won it all.

I'm rooting for B.C. myself. Lulay's been a great story, and if Buono does retire as Head Coach and remain in B.C. just as a general manager, I think it'd be great for him to go out with a Grey Cup. :slight_smile: