Montreal looks like 05 Leos

Well, it sure looks like Montreal has played this season like the Leos did last year. Came out with a bunch of wins (though many of them could have gone either way), and now that the rest of the league knows their offense, they can't win a game if their lives depended on it.

A complete re-hash of the Lion season last year...the only difference is, we had an excuse, our #1 QB was out, and a couple of the leaders on our D were out ( and we won 11 in a row, not only 7 :slight_smile:).

I may change my prediction for the GC to BC - Toronto, even though Toronto played like sh!t last night. The 'Riders sure deserved the win.

I honestly do not see the argos advancing out of the east with that offence they have their. If the argos are going to be east champs the defence will have to only give up under 10 points a game and levingston or other returners will have to have monster games on special teams.

The argos offence is fueled by damon allen but after watching sask- tor last night maybe allen is in more pain then he is letting on because he was limping after one of the series earlier in the game. Ricky williams needs to be in there as only a fullback because he has not shown he can play the canadian game like avery can and if u have williams on their he takes away carries from avery that avery needs to get into the flow of the game. The argo receivers are fine as long as talbot or someone else steps up when teams are double teaming bruce. The offensive line is just terrible in the interior. It got so bad last night that the argos had to have ricky or avery blocking just to stop sasks d lineman from putting brutal hits on allen.

Really i do not like the argos chances with that offensive line and i would say the front 4s of winnipeg and montreal will devour that o line of torontos and i think that right now the most likely match up in the east final will be winnipeg at montreal

I'm not impressed with any of the Eastern teams this year, they all appear to be very weak. Even the weakest Western team manages to embarrass the best Eastern team.

ya ya ya!
The West rules :roll:

And so it should be.

montreal is 2 wins for the last 10 games?..something like that?

not the kind of momentum u want heading into the post season.

the intensity winnipeg is playing with tonite against a very good stampeder team, i wouldnt be suprised if winnipeg knocks off both the argos and als.

I hope your right drummer god, the Bombers are on a roll..seems like the puzzle is almost complete....

I believe the Grey Cup is coming to the East this year, despite what everyone thinks.

You heard it here 1st = Saskatchewan vs. Winnipeg Grey Cup with the Riders hammering the hometown Bombers with the Blues after the Cup loss!!!!!!!!!!

When was the last Riders Grey Cup victory?

Not unlike BC in 2005, Montreal is unlucky to have a collapse in the second half of season mainly because of injuries and tough schedule of opponents. Montreal has the most injuries. Any team facing the 3 best teams in 5 games probably would be in a losing streak. By contrast, Toronto is lucky with few injuries and soft schedule. 5 of 8 victories from non-playoff teams. Possibly, Montreal is underrated while Toronto is overrated?

Toronto is ALWAYS overrated.

Argos do have a great defense, not bad on the other side of the ball either...the Als will be strong when it comes down to playoff football...going to be a tough go, for the team that comes out of the East...Go bombers..

I see the logic in picking an Eastern team to win the Cup, simply because the Western team will be the favourite :wink:

I'm not too impressed with Montreal this year. Their original 7 wins came against sub-par teams. Now they've gone 2-8 since. Toronto is weird. They're either good, or bad. Winnipeg ... could crash out fairly easily. It'll be interesting to see ...

I still pick BC to make it out of the West, although Wally has a tendency to choke ... and if the Riders beat the Stamps (heaven forbid), the Riders do have BC's number ...