Montreal Looks Beatable


I was getting anxious not seeing another one of these. I think you all know what you have to do.

On to Montreal!


Indeed, now that Porter's start in BC has been removed from memory, we need a thread like this and "Bring Joe Smith to Hamilton" back. I'm on it... LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

The D is going to have to play the game of their lives.

So far we have learned that we have a real team this year, a team that can seemingly compete and win against other teams. Montreal will be the test of how good we really are.

Don't get me wrong, Oski Oui Oui -- it won't be easy. But they have that old guy at QB and that American coach who doesn't understand the Canadian game.

We might be able to pull this one out!


If we can keep the pressure on Calvillo all night, we have a great chance at forcing some game breaking turnovers. We all know that Calvillo can get rattled !

Swarm the heck out of the guy.

Setta must also have a career game and keep them pinned deep at every opportunity.

I'm liking the way our offence is utilizing all of our tools. We can't let Montreal's defense key in on our game plan and throw us off balance. Spread it around to everyone and change it up as we go ! Just when they key in on one of our guys, go to the other guy..........we saw that yesterday with Cobb/Davis/Rodriguez/Bauman/Stala etc. Winnipeg had no clue who we were counting on anymore as our key offensive weapons. And when all else failed, our scrambling QB's messed Winnipeg up also.

And then our defense pinned their ears back and attacked!

It was beautiful to watch! :smiley:

I hope we do win but I don't know if we are in the same league as Montreal yet. Montreal looks to be in mid season form right now. With our young team 5 days to prepare, playing in Montreal, I think it's a bit of a stretch to think about winning. I will say this though. I think this team regardless of the outcome and score has great potential and are finally ready to compete!

They are most vulnerable on special teams. If Taylor can be neutralized, we can compete with Montreal. They are having huge problems with blocked punts and I believe that McDaniel may surprise people in Montreal on returns.

The line play on both sides of the ball will have to be as good as it was against the Bombers to stand a chance. If AC has time to get into a rhythm, it will be a long night. He has to be hit and hit a lot.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm not saying a single word....

Regardless it should be a fun evening, hope to see alot of Ticat jerseys on the mountain on Thursday.

LOL well done. Nothing quite like a little superstition.
All I can say is that this year you can't tell what to expect from any team going into any game. It's great.

Clearly our Offence needs to step up. But the D REALLY needs to step up, if we can shut down there WR's and get physical with A.C. I could see a CLOSE score win!

Chances are slim to none but slim worked ok last year :wink:

I'd be happy if they competed for 60 minutes, played hard , disciplined football and move the chains with regularity. That would be more than Calgary, Saskatchewan and Edmonton managed to do...

honestly, i'd be satisfied with just a close game against montreal, they've beat every team pretty good so far and have scored over 40 points in every game, i think montreal is a time that we can beat further down the road when some of the younger guys are a little better and have some more experience, but for now, i'm not expecting a win IN montreal, id be happy if we kept it close.

and i figured out a little bit of a theme last night.

last week Otis Floyd comes back to haunt his old team,
this week its Kevin Glenn that beats his former team,
so it's your turn next week Dave Stala :wink:

hlfxTv I agree wholeheartedly. Just be in the game and who knows weirder things have happened. i think this is an opportunity for us to try some different things and experiment a little.

As much as we all want the Cats to keep the winning streak alive, if they stay within two TD's that will be an accomplishment/"win"?
Right now I do not see anyone beeting the Als, not even a No Fun League team and playing 4 downs.

Just remember that every team plays differently against the other teams. I remember many seasons where certain teams would always beat Hamilton yet Hamilton was beating the teams that beat them.

Saying an NFL team couldn't beat them is just silly. Get real.

If our D can play even close to this good in Montreal then we have a chance for sure.

I wouldn't call Thursday nights game a test, so much as a measuring stick.

Do I think we're in Montreal's league yet? No.

But it will be nice to see how we stack up against them and gauge our result with the other teams and what we can still do to improve even more.

I still think we'll do well on the Mount and I'm hoping for a win...but not expecting one.

You are right certain teams match up well against the others, so this could be a possibility.
As for the NFL, I am real and what makes you think otherwise. Have you bought in and have been drinking the (just because we are)American/NFL we are the best coolaid?

Montreal can be beat. Will we do it? I have my doubts.

I think this game will come down to our defense. With Calvillo's quick release, we should only rush 3 and drop everyone else back in coverage. AC won't be a huge threat to run and hopefully our LBs can take away the passing lanes.

I just want to see our offense move the ball and put up points. If we are going 2 and out early, it will be a long game.

I agree with Alan, Montreal can be beat, but not until October or November when it counts. That's when they always lose.

I also agree that the defense would have to come up big for us to win. If they can stop their offense from controlling the game, and our offense can get on a roll, we could have a chance. Of course some fumbles or picks that result in points can also help a lot.

Last year we beat them by essentially outscoring them, so you just never know what can happen.

I also think if our team continues to play physical, we will have a better chance. In the last three weeks we have knocked out two kickers, and banged up one quarter back (Lafors was not the same after that hit, I'm still amazed he got up). Without Duvall or Cavillo, Montreal is a much more beatable team.

Is a win probable, no, but it is possible.


LOL you got to be Kidding Me ..
Montreal will be toughest Test we have all Year
I see Montreal Going to 4-0 and us going to 2 and 2
There very Little Chance we Win in Montreal.
We have to play the Perfect Game to do so .
We are are too Young a Team to do that .

But I expect us to give them a Fight at least the 1st Half