Montreal Looks Beatable -- Mk II.

I'd like to see the statistics on these threads and our win/loss record.

The Breakdown:

Montreal has an old man at quarterback and their o-line takes the field with walkers. They are coached by some American who doesn't understand the CFL game and is in way over his head.

We've got 'em right where we want 'em.


It takes a great man to see greatness in others.

This is, by far, the best bpost of the 2009 season.

Lighten up troll life, it's a running joke we have on this forum that when we post these team x looks beatable threads we usually win.


We beat them in a shoot-out last year.
We have better talent/same talent, at all positions than/as last year.

The big difference is we are playing them in their home, in front of their 13th man.

I'd be satisfied with an improved effort that kept us within 7 points (a win would be be better, but I want to be realistic), and not points scored during garbage time.

Be nice...

I read these posts often,,,,,I was being light.

I actually was being quite was a great post. Geez.....sorry if I offended your sensitivities?

Yes, you guys are better in every phase of the game this year.

Unfortunately for you, so are we. :rockin: :rockin:

Oh yeah.... Well WAFFLE em ! (apologies to Jim Trimble).

The big question is whether or not AC plays the entire game. At this time of year, with Monteral already securring first place in the East, he may only play a quarter, or, at most, a half (you have to keep your arm limber, at his age... lol).

The rest of their starters may not play as much as expected, either. This may make them ripe for the picking (except, of course, they are a nose. You REALLY don't want to pick a nose that's not yours...)

troll life?????? :twisted: Its not very wise to anger the Tiki Gods especially when they wear red and blue and have only lost two!

Thats what worries me the most! If they don't play the starters against us then they won't be playing them against Winnipeg..!!
I can see Winnipeg beating them if the don't play Anthony Calvillo or Ben Cahoon. ect... ect

You know the old saying" You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose!!"

I haven't seen anything in the past couple of weeks that would indicate a Ticat win.
How can Montreal look beatable? we know that AC will not be rested and they are playing at home.

Sorry but we don't have a hope in hell