Montreal Look Beatable

I we can go in Montreal and Beat them

They look in the Middle and in at CB

I think we can win this game

The Ticats are getting better every week. We can beat anybody. Montreal and Saskatchewan will lose for sure if they think playing us is an easy 2 points.

The Past two Weeks I think show why we need 3 Preseason games
This Win Last Night was Team we Expected Better later then Never

2 preseasons are enough for me, if I had my way there would be one and get er going.

Anyways, yes, Montreal looks beatable but they still look very good, some easy dropped balls last night, they should have racked up more points. I think the key is to try and get some pressure on Calvillo but that's always easier said than done with his quick release.

Montreal definitely doesn't look like a 15-3 team. But they're still the class of the east until proven otherwise.


8) While I do think we have a chance to beat Montreal on Thursday, I sure don't like our chances at all playing the Riders
  in Sask.
  That game could be ugly for us, since Regina has no qualms about running up the score on their opponents !!

Interestingly, Montreal's pass defense stats place them in the bottom of the league before last night and they will likely be in the bottom 3 even after all this weekend's games are included. This gives a hint of what we'll see next week. (OK - I won't. I'll be in Africa- but I digress.)

Again, few running plays for Cobb. Lots of mid-range looks for the receivers. Glenn trying to repeat last night.*

  • or this is all idiocy because the Mtl. stats are messed up by the Sask. game. :slight_smile:

Given the way the season has gone so far, our chances are a lot better in Montreal than in Saskatchewan. I'd be very suprised to see us go 2-0 on this road swing so getting the Als while they've been looking shaky is important next week as not to return to Hamilton 1-4.

Montreal is 13-1 on their home openers.

Montreal also hadn't won in BC since 2000 so streaks are meant to be broken.

Touché. I don't care about home streaks or streaks of any kind. The Cats looked dominant yesterday, absolutely manhandling the Bombers from start to finish (yes, the Glenn fumble should have been a fumble, but I don't think it would have mattered -- Hamilton was just too determined to win).

My Als had better remember how to find the red zone or it could be a very long day for us at Molson Stadium.

At least both teams will be playing on short weeks, so that part is even.

8) Actually the advantage should go to Hamilton in that respect.
 Montreal has to go through that long flight home from BC  !!

EVERY team is beatable...But we will need all 3 phases to be at their best to have a chance.

I think what we saw from our offence on Friday is what we'll be seeing in a lot of games this year, we have that kind of talent. And just wait until Glenn starts hitting those deep balls that he's just missing. So i think we'll put up some points on thursday.
If the defence can get some pressure by rushing 4 or 5 guys and avoid missed tackles, i like our chances, i'd say winning the turnover battle is a necessity as well (as always).
But DeAngelis has to be accurate. You can't afford missed field goals against a team like Montreal, we need all the points we can get.

Montreal is an older club, and they have not renewed...such being said, they have some killer playes in there, but are loosing a step or two, as is obvious in their opening games. we will certainly be hard pressed, the Als are the best of the East, and tobeat them will be a big challenge, let alone what our team must do.

Montreal has not lost a step, last year they looked equally as bad in Edmonton and BC, also in week one everyone is forgetting how badly they lit up Regina's secondary.

This was a grueling road trip and they came out with a 2-1 record, how is that losing a step? When was the last time a team had to start a season on the road, on the other side of the country for almost a month?

Montreal looks beatable???????? I think Hamilton looks more beatable. LMAO

Don't count us out.The '10 Al's look ALOT different than the '09 Al's.I'm feeling this one :slight_smile:
Keys to victory:

  • Another great OL performance for Hamilton will be necessary, MTL's pass rush is fierce
  • Glenn needs to do what he did last week.1, 2, complete.1,2, complete.Quick 6 or 8 yard passes to eat up the clock and put long scoring drives together
  • DL ** The pressure MUST get to AC consistently, when under pressure AC under performs
  • Sandro needs to get back on his game, this one may come down to FG's
  • MB needs to continue making good decision's, limit the mistakes or MTL will burn you
  • WR's need to keep up the excellent work, each one has become a big threat to opposing teams and I LOVE it
  • We need to get AT LEAST 70-ish yards rushing or we become one dimensional
  • A couple Thiggy TD returns for good measure couldn't hurt :lol:
    GO CATS GO!!!