Montreal Keeps Perfect Record in B.C.


Imagine if the Lions could start games better than they have. They need to figure out a way to get JJ throwing in the first quarter like he does in the fourth. The Lions D looked very suspect tonight I must say.

Oh well, a win's a win and we'll take it. Happy Birthday Paris Jackson (and me) and congrats on an outstanding game!

Still a pretty unbelievable stat when you think of it, that the Als have lost 8 straight games at BC Place stadium. Even when the Lions weren't as good in 2001-2002 they still seemed to have the Als number, not to mention the 2000 and 2006 Grey Cup victories against them.

It's a fluke of the schedule. Montreal has been a good team for thelast 7 years. I'll take the win, but without any dissing of montreal.

Not to diss Montreal but what happened they seemed to have the game wrapped up not that, that really means anything this year with all the last minute victories.

The defense just seemed to give up in the thrid quarter and how can they not stop Joe Smith on 3rd and 2, they had like three different times they let him through. Joe is a great RB but come on.

Oh well hard fought game by both teams.



It seems to be in Montreal's 3 losses that they just aren't able to adjust in the 4th quarter while other teams take advantage of that. They've probably been the best team in the league through 3 quarters.

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Why did Montreal give up the running game with Colbourne? He was killing us in the first half!

How many times did they hand him the ball in the second half.....3,4,5 times?

agreed. He had over 100 in the first half... and then they just stopped

Maybe the Lions changed the set to close those holes, or AC thought he could go to the air to open up the score a bit. There must have been some good reason.

AC no longer calls the plays.
Thing is, in the first 2 games where they won they were using thier running game....They gave it up in thier first 2 loses. They went back to it in the first half of the DC game and were moving the ball.
They gave it up in the seconds half and....

I wonder if it isn't "overcoaching". That is, suppose Trestman & co. at the half says "The run works so BC is going to adjust to it - that should open up the pass so we're going to do that more instead". But rather than do so in a measured way, they go to the extreme. Je n'sais pas ...

Maybe but it doesnt explain games 3 and 4

Should change the title thread to ‘BC keeps perfect record against Montreal’. The one right now makes no sense. Unless perfect means winless.