Montreal Just not Laughing

If Naylor is right, the buddy-buddy relationship with Montreal is over, and Bob better start making friends with Edmonton...the model franchise.

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I was thinking the same thing Jake.

The love relationship is over with Montreal!

Thats a good thing ,they fly under the radar with the Argos recieving all our missles....

Naylor reports as of 11:39 that Printers has signed.

If there ever was a so-called love-in with another team, no wonder we are losing so much.

who cares about montreal, the ticats cant be in the business of making friends, i want them to have enemies and the only goal should be the W.

Who cares about Montreal! If we don't screw them, they will screw us. Cut throat business...just happy to hear we're a player in that business now.

Edmonton and Hamilton ought to be tight, no? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee EE,

good one Russ.

It's amazing to see the Tiger-Cats break the piggy pank for a player for once!! Something like this would be UNTHINKABLE in my entire time as a Tiger-Cat fan. The last time I can think of something remotely like this happening was Matt Dunigan coming in 90s. This will surely have a better outcome (knocks on wood).

Hamilton & saskatchwan are pretty close. they basically swap players once a month.

If this source is true about four teams being interested in Maas what could we possiblely get for him

a discount on beer for all fans! no?? bah okay!
I wouldnt mind trading him for a good O line. Perhaps put a little more experience on the line!

hopefully this new era will see the end of the gold uniforms, the weekly qb carousel and bring some stability and a wide open vertical passing game offense.

Logos Uniforms are not our Problem...
Their part of Marking this team.

It the on-field Product that needs work.
We now have Great QB Depth.
We need 2 OT 1 DE 2 CB
Some better coaching on Offence.

bob young does a 180 and becomes the 2nd coming of

I can't recall in the past when the Hamilton Tiger cats had the highest paid player in the league, although, maybe I just wasn't awatr of it if and when they did.

Cudos to Bob Young and staff for their efforts here. It had to be done, as the franchise was due to tailspin.

McManus & Flutie, 1998. That one turned out alright.

It's a lot of money in this league but I have a good feeling about this. Maas had injury issues and this affected his pschye and couldn't be a vocal enough leader to lead the troops even though, as we know, it certainly wasn't all his fault. But a qb has to be not just someone who is physically tough but had to be vocal as a leader too.

Bob Young once again shows his brilliance as a businessman. The love affair that had been enjoyed since his purchase of the team was definitely over, and there is no doubt that the business side of things was about to take a major hit. This move makes so much sense from the football and business side and it couldnt have happened at a better time.
Bravo, Bob!!

Good I hope they are crying! This isn't a food drive we didnt steal all the food from it! its football, and of ANY CFL team id say Cats are were? the worst off at the QB possition!