Montreal is scary good...


...either that, or the Argos are scary bad.

I've never seen a QB so in sync with his receivers. I haven't had a chance to watch too many Montreal games this season, is this what they've all been like??? Wow, if so, they're my pick to win it all.

Who do we blame for lousy Argo offense? Joseph and his receivers seem like passing acquaintances rather than bossum buddies... but is that due to the O-line not giving them enough time??

It's a combination, The Als are indeed a strong football team led by Calvillo and the Argos have definately fallen quite aways from where they were a year ago. The Argos still have no offense but this season the defense it pretty bad as well. I blame management in Toronto for making stupid moves that have resulted in the team regressing this season.

The Als are the class of the East, thank goodness.
As for my Argos, where do I start. No QB(traded the wrong guy) the O line is horrid, while the D is old, et...
Yes they traded away their heart, Pre, Younger and Bishop.

The Als are scary good in a scary weak division. Put the Als in the West and they’d be bottom feeds for sure.

Still bitter from last weeks loss to Montreal huh? :roll:

Depending on the outcome of the SSK Wpg game, In the west the Als would be tied for first,

The lions are the bottom feeders of the west!

Always the same song, unless I missed something, yes, Montreal Lost 3 times against Western teams, but it's not like they have been blown out, they were in it until the end, and if not from a few late mistakes and really questionable video replays, they could have won all three, Montreal is the class of the East, and before the season is over, they may be the class of the league.

Not in the least. It took 3 stops from the 1 yard line to beat us. Check out Montreal's record against BC the last 8 seasons or so, including Grey Cups. If the Lions or the rest of the West for that matter could play Montreal every single week, I think they would love to. Montreal's record against the West this season speaks for itself.

They also should have lost last week. It works both ways.

botton line is that Mtl is 7-3 and in First
BC is 5-5 and slurping off the bottom......

If BC or any other western team had the privelege of playing Montreal, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Toronto as much as Montreal does, they'd be thanking the lord almighty and singing "Halleluyah".

but they didnt, did they?

Actually that has very little to do with the argument. If you want to talk bottom line, it is that Montreal has not won in BC since Y2K and has lost to the Lions in the 2006 and 2000 Grey Cups. Bring on the Als, anytime anyday! I’m sure the Lions would be licking their lips to play these guys!!

5-5 and sucking with it

To say BC would be happy to play Montreal every week considering the first game Montreal played against BC was a nail bitter and so was last weeks is well just plain foolish…Montreal is 7-3 and could very well have an even better record…you should give other teams credit when credit is due

BC lost to MTL in MTL this year, last year, 2005 and 2004. SO what is your point?

BC owns Montreal, that is my point. Both in BC, in regular season and in Grey Cups. That's the bottom line, the stats do not lie mister Ro. The Als are a big fish in a small pond. Being the class of the East is one thing, getting dominated by every Western team is another.

With all due respect, I don't think you can say that the Als have been DOMINATED by the West. Seems to me that all the games Montreal played against the West were VERY competitive.

Overall is the West better than the East this year? Of course the answer is yes. Can Montreal hold its own against a western opponent? I would also say yes.

Personally, instead of calling the opposition lucky, I would be more concerned if my offense was unable to punch the ball in from the 1 yrd line haviing had 3 cracks at it.

I'll give Montreal the credit it deserves once they defeat the Eskimos.. otherwise, forget it.

I dont know why I bother explaining to you RLR
The lions Dominate Mtl in BC and MTl dominates BC in Montreal and starts dont lie....

And seeing how you want to talk stats.....
Mtl is in first and BC is in last!