Montreal is in trouble until Popp starts working again

Long time Cfl fan and witnessing this proud franchise struggle is not good for the Cfl.

Realistically Marc Trestman Milanovich combo with Calvillo was hands down the most dominant combo in the Cfl. They were well prepared and generally a step ahead of most other teams.

The departures of Trestman Calvillo Milanovich was not handled effectively by Jim Popp.

Tom Higgins may be a nice guy but he is not a tier 1 elite level coach in the Cfl. He has proven this over the years with poor decision making and bizarre decisions.
The quarterbacking was going to be a tough transition for the simple fact that Trestman and Calvillo refused to allow any of the backups to take any meaningful snaps regardless of the score.

The Als were all business with Trestman now I'm not so sure with the Chad Johnson signing and Michael Sam signing. Both of these guys do not have talent to play here and are only here because of their notoriety.

I was very alarmed when I heard the Als had signed Nik Lewis and traded for Fred Stamps. Ever heard of the Wakly Buono release veteran player on their decline. Huffnagel and Chris Jones are two of the best talent evaluators in the Cfl. If they felt that Lewis and Stamps could contribute at a high level they would have kept them.
Nik Lewis is a situational receiver that could block and catch the short zone route, however I doubt it very much he even can run a subpar 4.9 seconds 40 yard dash.
If you watched Stamps play he used to be unguardable as of 4 years ago. stamps has been on a steady decline and his legs are getting injured. He lacks the burst and when his speed goes he offers little else as a receiver.

The most disappointing signing was that of Samuelle Giguerre. You can just tell that Kent Austin could not wait to get rid of Giguerre. Despite playing in Kent Austins offence Giguerre was basically a decoy. I heard on numerous games Austin yelling at him. Hamilton has replaced Giguerre with two imports Tolliver and Underwood both former nfl players.

If you take a look at some of the incredible receiving cores in the Cfl you will quickly realize that Montreals receiving core is not good enough. Even Ottawa had many more quality targets for Burris to throw to.

last year was an aberration. The receiving core had Green and Durin Carter and London. i watched Cromptom play in college and he is the same qq. He passes the eye test. He looks like a pro qb. Talks like a pro ab. However he does not have the IT factor and is wildly inaccurate. crompton is not a cerebral qq. What he can do is single out a receiver and throw a deep jump ball. This is why he connected with Duron Carter and SJ. crompton with slow aging receivers was a disaster because they can't win jump balls.

unless Montreal starts recruiting on par with the rest of the league I see this team struggling mightily. Hey that punter was one good pickup I saw.

It's a mess.
I think it is clear that Popp is an interfering GM who is often at odds with the coaching staff.
He predetermined that Sam was going to make the roster. He did the same thing with Chad Johnson and arguably kept him on the field too.
In the Guardian article it was mentioned that the Als defensive coaches want the DE to work out of a 2 point stance. Sam was trained in the 3 point.
Popp told Sam to go ahead and play out of the 3 point as was reported in the article
To his credit Sam said he would try and master what the coaches were asking of him.
How can a GM suggest to a player to disregard the coaches schemes?

Popp claimed earlier that the Als were deep during training camp. That teams would be snapping up their releases. All his signings. Unless I'm wrong only Whitaker has found a spot.

The impact offensive signings this offseason were:
Steph Logan: 34 yrs old. Cut by BC
Nik Lewis: 32, Cut by Calgary
Fred Stamps: 32: trade from Edmonton.
Giguere: FA Hamilton. Could not find him on the feld in Hamilton. Couldn't find him on Thursday either.

the Canadian receiver position has been a huge trouble spot for the Als. ever since Sylvan Girard and Dave Stala we have been stuck with Eric Deslairiers who is not a starter.

if you look at the past 5 years there has been plenty of great Canadian receivers to draft including Nate Coejorn Anthiny Parker Spencer Watts Shamad Chambers brad Sinopli Rob bagg. pop has neglected this position and put a PR receiver who can't play. First it was Deslauriers them it was Giguerre.

I'm thinking that Popp should get on the phone and trade for Matt Nichols from Edmonton. Edminton has a third string quarterback named James Franklin who in my opinion will beat out both Nichols and Reilly. He is going to do exactly what Bo Levi Mitchell did and jump from third string to first string quarterback within a year. He played at Missouri and was fantastic. his preseason numbers were very good and I think Chris Jones took a long look at him knowing he is going to be Reilly's backup as he is better than Nicholls.

I could see Nicholls being available. Trouble is as a quarterback there is little you can do if receivers cannot get separation. The Lewis and Giguerre and older Stamps cannot get separation in a league whrere the defensive backs are getting younger and faster.

I saw this Rakeem Cato play in college at Marshall. He was a fantastic quarterback at Marshall. He could make plays with his feet and arm and brought the it factor. however you can't do anything without receivers.