Montreal is a .500 club at best

With seven starters out and the performance against B.C I say Montreal is not ready.Hamilton gets Johnson and Carter back and will be playing Cobourne,Thigpen and Williams who will no doubt be looking to nail Richardson the first chance he gets.
In reality both of those teams finished at 9-9 and Montreal know it damn well so it is actually seen as 2 .500 teams going at it hard this Saturday,Montreal is nothing this year and if and I mean if they get by Hamilton wich I doubt they won't go far this year,no chance. :smiley:

reality check: montreal is 10-8. hamilton is 8-10.

I think you know what he meant. Yes, of course Montreal was 10-8 and Hamilton was 8-10, but those records are only one game apart. If Hamilton had beaten Montreal during their last game with them (Montreal won 27-25 - where the Ticats got screwed by the refs) both teams would be 9-9.

Furthermore, Hamilton did not bring their A-game to Saskatchewan or Toronto since those games were meaningless to the Ticats. If those games meant something in the standings, I am sure Hamilton would have won both of them.

On the other hand, Montreal was definitely trying to beat B.C. so as to secure a home date in the Eastern Final. They got blown out.

B.C. is the only team that appears to be truly strong, but they lost to Hamilton in a blow out on October 22nd (not that long ago). So who knows?

Despite what most people think, Hamilton will likely beat both Montreal and Winnipeg and make it to the Grey Cup. I'm not saying it will happen, but it is no less crazy to predict it than to predict something else.

With this season of the CFL, there are no clear cut favourites. Any team in the playoffs has as good a chance as any to win the Cup.

Hamilton has been no more consistent then anybody else this year. They might beat one of Montreal or Winnipeg, but not both of them.

i think it is more likely hamilton has the holy-hell beat out of them in montreal.

Lol oh boy... No matter how you slice it, Montreal is a better team.

You are what your record says you are. period.

Truer words have never been spoken on these forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal is 10-8, inconsistent though, Hamilton is 8-10 and darn lucky to even be there based on what I've seen from them all year.

Kevin Glenn has 4 TDs, 11 INTs, and a QB rating of 70.5 in the second half of the year. Good thing they have Quinton Porter. Except when Porter is your best QB, yeah, you're lucky to not be in Toronto/Saskatchewan territory.

They have talent in many places. They don't have the QB to have a good offense and their defense is pretty bad. Their coach is also pretty bad. And now they don't even know who their QB is supposed to be (though it shouldn't be that tough of a decision).

Glenn? :?

You obviously haven't watched many of the games!

lol, I've seen almost every game all year..

you're the one making excuses about refs and not bringing their A-game to meaningless games for them. that doesn't count for anything, it shouldn't count for anything, and it's not something a good team has to worry about. every team has an off game now and then, but Hamilton has too many.

yeah, every now and then they play well and when they did that this year they can beat anyone. however.. that happens so rarely that it's almost a moot point and Kevin Glenn has been downright horrid in the last half of the year.

it's a chronic .500 team with a .500 coach, a .500 QB, and a below average defense.

You say they are lucky to be 8-10. Tell me which of those 8 games that they were lucky to win. Go ahead and try. The fact remains that even though they "mailed" in the last two games of the season they still ended up with a better points scored versus points allowed than Winnipeg.

The Bombers have been riding that 7-1 start and have been the worst team in the league (including Saskatchewan and Toronto) since that point.

Whether you want to admit it or not, Montreal is still the best team in the East. Injuries have done them in and that is why I think they will lose to Hamilton.

Winnipeg has beaten Hamilton three times already this season with only one of them being "convincing" (the most recent one). It is pretty hard to beat the same team 4 times in one season.

It is, but I'd still put money on Winnipeg.

Still, goodluck in the Big O against a pissed of Montreal team :slight_smile:


aug 13th :twisted:

Why were they lucky in that game? Because it was close? If that’s the case, what do you consider close? Less than 7 points, maybe.

The Ticat wins and losses this season have been very decisive. They have generally either lost big or won big. In fact, Hamilton has only been involved in 3 games that were decided by less than a touchdown: 37-32 win over Toronto, 30-27 loss to Winnipeg and 27-25 loss to Montreal. In other words, they have a 1-2 record in close games. So to say that they have been “lucky” to have an 8-10 record is ridiculous.

The fact that Hamilton’s plus/minus for points scored versus points allowed is +3 over the season, indicates that they deserve a .500 record.

Winnipeg is slightly worse in that department (+0 - exactly even) but are 10-8. That is what luck does for you. I guess we’ll have to see what happens, but I wouldn’t count Hamilton out just yet.

I'm not saying there's anyone single game that Hamilton was lucky to win, so maybe to say they were lucky to be 8-10 was the wrong choice of words, but my opinion is that based on their inconsistency, their awful QB play down the stretch, their poor defense, and their poor coaching, they don't seem like they should be a .500 team.

yeah, that doesn't make any sense either. "well, they couldn't beat them all year, so obviously they're more likely to beat them now!"

the "it's hard to beat a team 3/4 times in one season" is not based on the fact that they're playing the same team multiple times. most teams at this level are not so far apart that one team will completely run over another every time they play. however, it's not a whole lot more difficult to beat a team the 4th time than the 1st time. the team doesn't get magically better because they've already lost to the team 3 times. there may be a tad more motivation, but that can fade pretty quickly if things start to go the wrong way.

I know that anything can happen in the CFL, so yeah, it's certainly quite possible Hamilton wins a game or two or even the GC in these playoffs, but I just don't see them as a very good team at this point.

they were lucky because tor fumbled the ball just as they were going in for a probable game winning td.

So?Last I checked we were ready to bury Winnipeg until Chris Williams fumbled on the one and it got recovered by WPG, so you wanna talk luck, there's a prime example.

Aside from differences in the type of play, is this almost-TD for the Argos markedly different from what happened in the second Ham @ Mon game and the Ham @ Win game? Both of those featured at least one almost-TD. Had they been TDs, Hamilton would have won both games and finished first in the division with a 10-8 record, with Winnipeg 2nd and Montreal 3rd, assuming the outcomes of all the other games are the same. Lucky for Montreal and Winnipeg that they weren't, I guess.