T.O. will be with out arland Bruce( tell me if you have updated info ),has strugguled on running game......
Montreal at home focussed on 1weekly game.
Result....... Montreal 29---- Toronto 18--------??????????

If Calvillo and Cahoon can come out for the whole game the way they played last week's second half, we won't even need anyone else to win that one. But that's a big if. Rarely has the past garanteed anything for the future, especially not in the CFL.

On the other hand, Toronto might be able to score a few runs if our defence keeps on failing to execute basic plays and missing tackles.

One thing is for sure, a Montreal vs. Toronto game has the potential to give us the best Special Units showdown. Landry vs. Levingston, backed by Vaughn vs. Bruce, and quality blockers on both sides... I'll be nervous/excited every time there will be a punt!

This game should be a close one, both teams have to get it in gear more to be where they want to be. I'm glad it's Thursday and the start of another CFL weekend of games!

Avery fires at all cylinders, and Montreal run defence is questioned. should be a good one though. Argos 31 Als 26

Avery fires all cylinders? ... Where the heck does that come from? Do you expect another one of his "breakout nights" of about 55 yards? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Argos can beat the Als, no doubt about that. But John Avery certainly won't be the masterpiece of that.

[quote="Argonauts_04_Champs"] and Montreal run defence is questioned. /quote]

Usually I dont make predictions cause I dont want then to come back and bite me in the butt

Montreal's run defence is questioned against Toronto blistering 43 yrds rushng per game average?????

Toronto's 43 rushing yards per game,
Montreal's 117 rushing yards allowed a game.
something has to give.
my prediction....Avery steps it up....Argos win.

Montreal has an average of 117 yards of rushing allowed per game because they conceded 230 yards to the Bombers. Take that game away and they allowed an average of 78 yards per game for the first three games (where they faced Troy Davis and Josh Ranek). Pretty decent if you ask me.

Now, I think everyone will agree that John Avery is no Charles Roberts.

I am not worried.

This is why I love the CFL, good hardy debates.
So anyway here is my take. In both the Ottawa and Hamilton games this year, Montreal got up early, and in the CFL we all know, when you fall behind by 10-15 pts, you can pretty much abandon the running game unless its 2nd and short. If Ottawa and Hamilton didn't get behind so early, then it would of been a little different in the running game department.
I think Winnipeg exploited the weakness in Montreal's blitzing defence.
John Avery may not be a Charles Roberts, but Hakim Hill sure can be. With a dose of Hakim running out on the flats, it'll help John Avery make the moves in the backfield or out on the flats as well. Avery may not have 120 rushing yards. But I think he is going to have a big day will all purpose yards.

So, based on your argument, Montreal should just get an early comfortable lead, and then we’ll pleasantly watch your Bruce-less offence try to air a comeback.

Yup that’d be good. :wink:

In fact, I just don’t want the Als to be beaten by Avery. Anyone but him.

See my point is when we collapsed against Ottawa, it was humiliating because then no one thought Ottawa would go anywhere. Two weeks later, the Als suffered another humiliating game when they got dominated by a winless Daley-driven Bombers squad. Now, the only humiliating thing possible would be to allow good rushing numbers to the halfback who doesn’t seem to know how to put one foot ahead of the other.

PLEASE, Football Gods! If we lose, can’t we lose with our dignity this time?

LMAO..... Ive been praying to the football Gods as well but to no avail.
Me thinks Taylor Field was built on some ancient Indian burial grounds.

Anyone think alter sacrificing gophers near the south end Goal posts might Appease the spirits? :mrgreen:

Montreal in a Cake WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule

Dentor, try sacrificing Calgary's horse. That could do the trick. At least it would intimidate Burris.

Anywell (is that even a word), it's sunny outside, 25 degrees Celcius, I've got my jersey on and I expect a win. Off to the game I go.

This just doesn't feel like the same ol' Als that have terrorized the CFL for the last decade. They almost seem to have lost some of their intimadation factor. Not saying I want to play them 2 games in a row, but I don't think a game against the Als is an automatic loss anymore. I really believe that the Als won't win the East division this year.

Well, maybe they will and maybe they wont, but if they do it wont be after week 12 like the last few years

good point

Toronto 7 Montreal 1
When the hell is Matthews going to bench Crutchfield and play Curry. Next game I bet.

Matthews benched Curry, good idea IMO, it'll set the kid straight, show him who's'll hurt them tonight, but it might help them in the future, i like a coach you does that kind of stuff

Curry hasn't even dressed yet this year because he was 2 days late for training camp, after having an outstanding rookie year last year!

i think he'll be in next week, but he 'll have learned his lesson....maybe he is stiring it up and yelling at Matthews, so Don is just extended the penalty