Montreal hold your heads high.

You guys are the class of the east and were a worthy championship opponent. You guys will get many more opportunities
because of your professionalism. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Treastman might not be a speech maker, but he knows football.

Congratulations on a very successful season.

Thank you, Eskylo. That's a classy statement to make.

Adversity is how you become successful. We had a great year but came up short against a team that was equal to or better than us in every way. It was a learning experience for the whole team, including our head coach, and I am confident that we'll be a stronger team for it next year.

A great post Eskylo :thup: ... its too bad some others can't show the same class :expressionless:

Ah, yes, the Buffalo Bills of the CFL....

I have said it before and I will say it again
I would rather they were there and lose, than not be there at all

Yeah, me too. That was the Riders in the 60s and 70s.

Then we shed that awful habit with a couple 2-14 seasons.

funny because i always thought the bills stole the als uniform look a few years ago.

Yeah, now that you mention it....they are pretty close.

Montreal is a worthy opponent for any team for sure. but this off season is going to be hard on them. calvillo, cahoon, and chui are all expected to leave. but trestman is smart will go find guys and well they have a good prospect qb in mcpherson.

Well there you go another talented team beaten by the Stamps not once, not twice but three times. I like the fact Huff in his speech to his team stated we are not favored here, we are in their home, they have the 66,000 fans behind them. We got them where we want them. The Stamps had that all season long they are not suppose to win this game or that game but they did. How many people thought they could sweep the Lions. Heck I thought if they won one during the season that would be an improvement. The same with the Als both games the Stamps found ways to beat them and it was fitting they did it again. After all many of you did not pick them to win because they were not suppose to win. Yes the LIons and Als are talented teams and very good teams.

I believe you are a Tiger-Cats fan, and while I could say many things about your team, I will instead choose to ask that you refrain from mean-spirited comments the day after my Als had their hearts broken in their stadium in front of 66,000. Let's stay classy here.

Yeah, don't be so mean to the Bills.

Wait, we won 1 Grey Cup, whereas the Bills never won a Superbowl in the four trips they made to the big show, and yet it's the Bills who are somehow worse off by the comparison?

Great job Stamps, congrats; 'nough said.
TRESTMAN! Wow, what an incredible job that guy has done and what a class act. I was blown away by him saying straight out that he was going to stay in Montreal because he was having the time of his life, AFTER losing the big game! what a mensch!
Montreal fans: This may not be the right time so soon after the big loss but perhaps it's not so great for a rookie head coach to win his first try, look what happened to Danny M and the mighty Eskimos. 17 free agents is a bit of a worry 'though.

Classy? You calling me a Tabbies fan is worse than anything I've posted on this board.

Again, not a classy statement. In any case, I must have mistaken you for someone else, as I was under the impression you were a Ti-Cat fan. Which team do you cheer for?

What would have been worse if you called him a Rider fan LOL.

He’s a Riders fan, and 05, move along…

Really I think I knew that ARtie was in fact a rider fan. By the way Artie can take a joke.

Hehehe. Yeah, that was a good one, 05. No worries here.

How many Stamps fans did it take to think that one up?

And Chief, I'm not upset about you having my back. I'll whistle if I need you......