Montreal Head Coach

My money on Mark Washington or Kahari Jones. I think they’re about the most qualified that would accept the position. It seems some of their first choices have gone running from the opportunity, or refused to even listen.

Love both from their playing days, that's for sure.

Don't think Kavis will consider Khari as head coach unless he can't fish his prime choice(s) out of the ocean.

A combo-platter of Mark Washington as head coach w/ Khari as OC is intriguing although I'd be reluctant (other than the guaranteed money) to coach a team where Darian Durant is your #1 boy. Durant has grown increasingly erratic, openly expresses frustration and really has done nothing that he's billing his team $480,000 per anum for.

Might be enough to pry James Franklin from Edmonton via free agency - at least they can show some semi-stable guys on the coaching staff.

If they can't trade Durant (who would want a piece of rubbish like that?) then perhaps they'll just cut him at camp and anoint Franklin their starter.

I'm also fairly certain Kavis has contacted Paul LaPolice for either co head coach or full head coach.

From a monetary point of view Khari Jones, Mark Washington or Paul LaPolice would be either doubling or tripling their current annual salaries w/ a substantial guarantee, moving costs, housing, etc.

Kavis Reed as GM is the weakest selling feature of the Montreal organization - but it doesn't totally disqualify movement.

not sure why people would run from this job. You sign a 3 year contract for 1.2 mil. Work for half a season and then you go lay on a beach for two and a half years. Dan Hawkins is the highest paid coach in CFL history. He earned 250k per game.

Sure Durant is done Lyle? Look, I agree, I think he’s done but in fact I really don’t know.

People are running from this job because a first time HC would be doomed to failure then fired after a season. And while they'd be handsomely paid for the remainder of the contract, they'd likely never be given the opportunity again.

Most would rather take a job with a decent chance at success and earn a reputation that will keep them employed for many many years, not just paid for 3.

What is Kavis selling?

  • A meddling, cheap owner
  • Fatigued Fan base
  • Old roster
  • Lousy scouting staff


He's selling a 3-year paid membership in WhatSayYou University!

In other words Kavis Reed is the perfect choice for a dying quail franchise.

Pt. 1 - meddling, cheap owner - he's meddling but he's still paying the freight, including Reed's salary and the 5 million dollar payroll . . . . and when Kavis is your GM you better be meddlin'

Pt. 2 - fatigued fan base - I'd put it as a steadily declining fan base which in many respects is worse than fatigue

Pt. 3 - Old roster - a fact, some of the oldies are also goodies but they need upgrades at too many positions

Pt. 4 - Weak scouting - I'd say they're no worse than Winnipeg - Bombers have lackadaisical southern scouting and mediocre Canadian drafts. Montreal will have 1st pick this season - could get a gooder - Winnipeg has a proven record in butchering their picks. unless they trade up they'll pick 9th - which is fairly safe territory for Gomer Kyle Walters


Next question.

Exactly! Reed will have to give the job to whoever really wants it, not the best candidate.

Corey Chamblin, who was run out of Saskatchewan as Riders head coach, did not even want to interview for the job! Corey Chamblin of all people! ;D

Mike Riley. 8)

The Great Kavis Reed fired his Head coach who was 3-4 this year and 6-5 since taking over and then himself went 0-11 and told the fans and the media, wait for it. The team was improved!


Big K got his PH.d from Trump University - after barely graduating from WhatSayU

I would have to agree with this. Can’t see any team handing the starter role to DD. It would be like developing a 36yr old rookie making $500K with preexisting tendon issues. He could barely throw a ball in 2017. Likely a backup role in Montreal or somewhere after a hefty downward salary redux.

Four days left to "TheKavis" promise date. Will he make it or fail again?

What have destroyed the team since some years (with a lot of other reasons) is the systematic interference in the chain of command. Tom Higgins was hire by Wetenhall Sr., Jim Popp was improvising himself as HC, we turned down Brock Sunderland because Wetenhall Jr. wanted Chapdelaine as HC, incompetent Kavis Reed agreed to work with Jacques Chapdelaine to have the GM job and then fired him at the first occasion. No competent and intelligent prospect will work at Montreal if it is to be the victim of Reed or Wetenhall Jr's ego. If we have the miracle of seeing Condell as HC, we must hope that he would have the freedom a HC deserves. Of course removing Reed out of GM would do a lot to help lol.

Reed will secure the head coaching services of the first semi-qualified dupe who accepts the gig.

That person will need the money, period. And the time guarantee for the money - more than the job itself.

The usual suspects in this situation:

  • Sgt. Slaughter (aka Greg Marshall)
  • Danny Macocia
  • Rich Stubler
  • Khari Jones
  • Kent Austin (only if his numbers up in Hamilton)
  • Travis Lulay (outside shot)
  • Mark Killam
  • Mystery Rodent

Condell and Thorpe who Kavis fired are probably the only two coordinators without HC experience that could survive being fired in Montreal and their career not skip a beat. Condell is a straight talking no bullshiat kind of guy sort of like Chapdelaine. I doubt Wetenhall who is the guy making the decision, (Reed is just the pimp) will hire Condell. Wetenhall will look for a subservient type. He'd like Bellefeuille.

Bellefeuille & Tim Burke are the most subservient Hop Sing coaches in CFL history. Burke is nearing 70 so he's not quite a reliable hire in Als-Land.......thus it boils down to Marcel - IF Condell declines this amazing opportunity!