Montreal hasn't played real team yet

Twice? I doubt that,maybe the Bombers beat the Esks because the Esks suque this year EE.

I remember a similar situation last year. Esks got off to a bad start, BC was undefeated and no one, no matter how hard they tried, could take them down.

In walk the almighty Eskimos and crush BC. BC was so damaged by the loss that they didn't record another win for many, many games. Esks go on to win GC.

Although very likely, for the Al's sake, I hope this doesn't happen to them.

If the Esks lose tonight EE, I hope the city closes all the bridges so you cant jump off one of them...

THE ARGOS beat SASK. [with 5 key injuries] , who beat B.C. 2 times.

The only time that you can almost predict a win is when 1 team plays the same team 2 weeks in a row.

Montreal are good but they have also been lucky. Several games were very close and then the second game Vs. Winnipeg was not a true test of any thing. :thdn:

They have to rebound from the last game at home.

How many times has EDMONTON lost 2 in a row at home?


EE is obviously angry that he has a crappy team to cheer for. It's understandable that he would be jealous of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. :lol:

Jealous and WInnipeg? I think that's the first time I've heard those two words in the same sentence.

I'm also jealous of the Jets.

How many times have EDMONTON lost 2 games in a row at home?

Not many I think?

and until the EE show that they are once again a force in the league, you have nothing but wishful thinking EE, for now they have shown squat, although I have picked them to UPSET the Als this week.

I don't know that stat. I can't remember this happening in recent memory.

That is why I picked EDMONTON tonight. :thup:

Then only area where the eskimos have an edge on the Als is with the deep threat with Tucker and they play at home.

Coaching with Hughey's son and Costanza has been a disaster.

Oline is unreliable.

Eskis had to beg a guy they fired to come back to make the front four work.

I think Ray is going to get his bell rung. Holding penalties will be thrown at the EE all night long and the Als are going to make the Eskimos D look old.

Edmonton has put up watch this

Week one : 14 points
Week two : 18 points
Week three 10 points
Week four: 10 points
Week five: 27 points
Week six : 22 points

On their best night (27 points)Against BC one of the weakest defense in the league. The best this would have gotten them against the Als this season is a draw!

The Eskimos biggest threat is their kicker!

The sports scene in Deadmonton is falling.....Eskies are gonna miss the PO's and nobody wants to play for the Greasers :lol:

The Eskimo regular season record at Commonwealth Stadium vs Montreal is 14-3-0. (570 PF, 309 PA).

Not a very favourable record for Montreal...

never count EDMONTON out.

They had a bad start last year and look who are Grey Cup Champs.

hellothere I thought you were an Al's fan?

The past doesn't mean Shit.

Bottom Line, the Esks are a poor team so far, and the Als have beaten 2 times the Bombers, who are people, #2 in the league!


I am a ARGO fan , but I just can't see Montreal winning tonight in COMMONWEALTH.

I could be wrong. :?

Me neither! Great minds think alike!

Lots of rain. It's going to be soggy tonight at CW!

I love games like that!