Montreal hasn't played real team yet

3 wins against Hamilton.
2 wins against Bumbers.

Montreal's real test begins tonight against the Esks.

Sorry Bumber fans, the fact that you've beaten TO and Edmonton means nothing. Montreal pulverized your team.

My predictions tonight...

Hamilton over Winnipeg: Hamilton's came close to defeating Montreal, they should be able to take down the bummers.

Esks over Montreal: Als have a horrible winning record over the Esks at home. Esks are due for a win.

ok let me get this straight...

Winnipeg Beat Edmonton
Montreal Beat Winnipeg

Edmonton will beat Montreal?

not adding up for me

Well if the Bombers aren't a real team (being only one of two teams above five hundred and a team that beat Edmonton, not once but twice including one big time beating), then I guess Montreal is the only real team in the league.

EE is very smart...very smart indeed...NOT..


Real test… pffft! You have an ego problem. We have beaten twice the league’s second best team, while your sorry bunch of heartless Eskimos won or lost in the very last minute of every game.

Start by getting a convincing win, and then we’ll start giving you a bit of credit.

The Eskimos are not the Champions who played in last year’s Grey Cup game. Thanks to your sugarplum fairy of a coach, you let go about 12 talented players that made a difference last year.

If the Als lose tonight, it’ll be because the Als always tend to drop games against pathetic and miserable formations (last year, we were the first to give victories to Ottawam Winnipeg and Hamilton, the three teams out of the playoffs).

You might benefit from the birds overconfidence. That’s your only chance. Because talent wise, you are not playoffs contenders.

....I dunno, I sort of agree with EE, but the game I was thinking of doesn't happen until August 12th......

Oooooo the trash talk begins. :wink:


Alouettes will make the Esks look ordinary, because the Esks aren’t exactly a real team here…[/b]

I can help you with that....

In sports, just because team A beats team B who has beaten team C doesn't mean team A automagically beats team C.

Any day any team can beat any other team.

Someone's still bitter from last year's GC defeat. Don't let your emotions get in the way.

Also, the Al's have not beaten the league's second best team! They are meeting them tonight for the first time this season!

oh I now any team CAN win but I just dont see how you can say (before the game) that Edmonton is a tougher task looking at the games played this far into the season.

Simple. The Esks have beaten the Stamps and BC and they both have more talent than the Bombers and both will inevitably end up above the Bombers in the standings.

Trash-talking aside, I think the game tonight could go either way. As an Als fan, I'll be rooting for the birds all the way, but my inner CFL fantasy analyst is telling me that the Esks will probably win because:

a) Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker are Alouettes killers
b) we don't play very well at Commonwealth Stadium
c) we're due for a letdown
d) after the embarrassment of last week, I can't see the Eskimos losing again
e) our offense still hasn't gotten on track

That being said, I take exception to anyone who says we're not a real team because we've only played Hamilton and Winnipeg. Winnipeg is 4-2 on the season and Hamilton is a tougher team than people think. We are for real, people, and as we move through the schedule and play the rest of the league, y'all will come to recognize it.

EE, this is a team that lost 3 offensive lineman , who they havent adqueately replaced, a QB who cant finish, a ground game that hasnt really gotten off the ground, and the only reason they arent 0-5 is because they played an incosistent offence(Calgary) and were lucky that a storm caused a good offence to stumble on a wet and muddy surface. Als will win tonight and make the esks look like a pee-wee team. YOu can add poor coaching to the Eskimo mix as well. Good luck Eskies cause you will surely need it.

It's raining in Edmonton and won't likely stop before game time.


Yup, the Al's are 3-7 vs EE, but they are 2-2 with "The DON" !

Should be an interesting match-up, if EE decide to show up !

EE the Als have beaten the leagues 2nd best team twice.....Winipeg!!

Also if Wpg is not a real team yet the Eskimos lost to them twice, what does that say about the Eskimos!

Hey now, everyone has a bad day now and again. Bombers caught the Esks on a bad day(s).

or maybe the Bombers are better than the Eskimos.......