Montreal has punched their ticket to the East Final !


#Alouettes LB Bear Woods after loss to the #Ticats: “They won tonight. They won’t win next time.? #CFL

#Alouettes LB Bear Woods after loss to the #Ticats: “They can enjoy this but in two weeks, there are going to be wishing they hadn’t.? #CFL

“Give them credit for what they were able to do here,? said Higgins of the Ticats. “They have a win streak here at home, but now we know how to get to the field, how to get to the locker room, we know what the locker room looks like, know what the field conditions are.

I like Bear Woods' confidence, but what the hell is Higgins talking about? :lol: Maybe save the trash talking to the people who know how to do it. :slight_smile:

They should focus on the Lions. Glenn has sent us home before.

:roll: Yeah...because Montreal didn't know how to get to Ivor Wynne before this game, and people today mysteriously don't have GPS units built into their phones. I also wasn't aware locker room aesthetics made that much of a difference, especially considering how much of an improvement they likely have been compared to Ivor Wynne. Also, how much time exactly does it take to navigate the ground floor of a stadium? He may have a slight point about field conditions though, getting used to the new wind at this stadium and what sort of crowd expectations may be present are somewhat important factors.

I think the way they are acting is not only the wrong attitude to have, but I think it actually hurts the team to pretend that this was a fluke and not addressing seriously problems the Als have with their offense, that have been buried under the sparkle of the win streak.

Lets look at some of the most recent games in their streak, beat TO by 3, beat Ottawa by 6 (somewhat controversially), beat TO by 8, beat Ottawa by 8 all in low scoring affairs and one major route of Sask, playing without Durant and suffering one of the worst collapses in CFL history. The Als are also last in the league in Yards per Game, even bellow Ottawa and Winnipeg. You might get away with those numbers vs Avg to Mediocre Defenses (Toronto & Ottawa) or at home when your Offense isn't at a disadvantage, but against the second best defenses in the league (both Hamilton and BC are tied for second in the league for YPG allowed) you need better production.

Now that's not to say we've been walking away from wins smelling like roses, but our losses have been marginal affairs too, and the coaching staff is identifying the issues and working to resolve them though personal (signing Grigsby, getting Koch out and Banks in) and coaching through them (coaching Zach to run more, changing up the snap count, using the speed of Sinkfield and Banks to onside punt).

If the Als look past BC and don't address these shortfalls on offense, mean old King Solomon is going to make them suffer for it. In terms of yardage allowed, BC's D is equally effective as ours according to the stats page, and is posting far more offense then the Als.

I will say this, Crompton is at least showing class, humility, understanding and when appropriate frustration. Look at that botched lateral that shouldn't have been a lateral and immediately his hands went to his hips and his head started shaking. He seems to be an island of positive, humble but serious attitude much like AC, Chiu and Cahoon were.

Take off the Yellow and Black glasses Hammer. The Ti-Cats won for two reasons; they are undefeated at THF and that will give any team a lot of confidence to start a game and, they had more to lose than Montreal did. Should the Als get back to Hamilton this year, which I don't see happening except as spectators, it will be a different situation. Hamilton has been hot and cold this season. You've obviously forgotten the two losses to Toronto in the last month, including the big collapse in the 4th to blow a lead in the first of those meeting, that made yesterdays game a do or die.

Montreal should be focusing on BC and the Ti-Cats should prep for the east final like it's a road game.

Yes, but as I noted, marginal losses, by 3 points combined over two games, and given that we've been hot and cold, this may be a sign that the team is getting hot again, just at the right time. As far as more to lose, alright fair enough but don't under estimate the positive effects of a bye week as they far outweigh the negatives. It's the perfect time to get the likes of Madu and Fantuz healthy again, and the team coming in could easily hobble into the game. Nevermind you have more time to analyze the film and practice the week leading in, vs the opponent who is going to need to take a least a day to recover typically.

The point though was if the Als look past BC and don't address the issues they have on offense (being last in the league in yards gained on offense is a bad thing, period) they are going to suffer for it.

Just didn't want to see you doing what you were warning the Als against. :wink: The bye week is important, which is why Hamilton played for the 8+ point win. Also why some of Higgins coaching choices were a little confusing, like going for 2 after their 4th quarter TD when it had no impact on the next score they needed to get the spread under 8. There's a good reason Montreal started 1-7 and he's still calling the shots on the sidelines. I don't think Montreal has to worry about a return trip to Hamilton this year, unless there are still some tickets left for the game.

"Should the Als get back to Hamilton this year, which I don't see happening except as spectators,"…by dcmoses

Hmmm…I rather like the sound of that. It has a nice "ring" to it. :lol:

I knew you would like the sound of that beagle. I embellished it a little for you. Enjoy.