Montreal has ONLY sold 29 000 tickets for playoff game...

sportsnet just reported there is only an abysmal 29 000 tickets sold ( outta 50 000 ) for tomorrows playoff game at the BIG O.

thats gonna look terrible on television....21 000 empty seats. ouch.

They'll get a walk up crowd that will take it past 30,000.

Its like third said, "Losing that last games gonna hurt sales."

well, let this be a lesson to all CFL teams in future seasons.....

dont lay down for ANY game, even if its meaningless in the standings.

The noise in that big coconut is going to be deafening even if there is only 35,000 fans. Either way, the Riders better be working on their silent counts.

Yes they lost the last game, but hey what about these past great years the Als have given the fans. The last time I looked they were still a very good team and still in the playoffs. If the fans don't support them because they've lost a few then I don't want to hear anymore about ANOTHER straight sell out at little McGill. What happens if the Als tank for a couple of seasons? My point is they deserve great support and the Als have givens the fans great football.

i think the stamps have only sold that many to but that was a couple of days agr so its probably come up a bit

I’d like to hear that at least 35,000 attended each game after the games tomorrow. Als better be hoping for a BIG walk up!

It has been mentioned here before and I'll say it again. The Mtl organization deserves an abysmal turnout. They deserve to be humbled again. Who are they trying to kid really by having the endzone seats for $41.50 (before service charge) in a cavernous stadium with awful sightline?

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It may work once or twice as a novelty, nostalgic concept but the passion isn't wide and deep enough in the city for fans to fork out such an amount to sit miles away. Kudos to the Argos and Lions organization for recognizing their loyal season tickets fans and knowing a bit about supply vs demand.

*repeat* *repeat*

41.50 for endzones? WOW, thats alot! I think it's less than that for the BEST seats at commonwealth for a game.

$41.50 for endzone is a lot but dont forget they can only get 20,202 for regseason games and they cant really make a profit with that.
That plus the fact that playoffs are always more expensive and renting the BIG O is not cheap either.

First Ill say Im one of the 30 000 that will be there (the capacity is 53 000 not 50 000) but the team has severly under performed and most fans can very easily identify the problem, the defence. And most fans here know that the players on hte field are still capable of performing as a lot of the guys were guys we had already that did well last year so the problem must lie in the coaching ie don matthews and chris jones. If you ask around most als fans want one or both of these guys fired how do fans voice their opinions? by keeping their wallets in their pockets which is what a lot of people are doing.

Or it could just be that a lot of als fans are so used to having the bye week this week we just assume we have it

OMG....i know the capacity is 53 000....its called rounding....

when we talk about percival molson, we say 20 000....not 20 202.

Let's nit-pick.
Its 56,000
9,245 seats can be added like they did in 2001 for a total of 65,245

If only 30,000 are coming to the game, I think that will put the final nail in the coffin on the Big O and playoffs games in Montreal will be played at Molson Stadium for now on.

pity, and it will kill this perception of Quebec love for football too.

Not true. With the tickets pricing in Montreal, the Alouettes make more money out of their 20 202 seats than some other stadiums drawing better crowds at a cheaper price.


I can't believe that there are some people in Montreal complaining about a 10-8 season, a 2nd-place finish, and a home playoff game! Most teams would love to be where the Als are right now!

If people stay away because of the Als "underperforming" this year, they won't be able to give away tickets when they have a BAD season, like below .500 and missing the playoffs. It happens for every team eventually (you too, Esks, your day is coming!)

It hurts to say it, but I guess it must be true: Als fans aren't as loyal or as numerous as we have been led to believe.

I dont get it, we all agree how the CFL is the best league and product available. I dont think 41.50 in the endzone is rediculous. Why is it OK for the NHL ticket for a boring regular season to charge $50-$200. Go to a concert or theater production and get hosed $100 plus. I have no problem with the cost of CFL games throughout the 9 cities and be it regular, playoff or Grey Cup. It is still the most affordable and best entertainement value anywher. Period.

Why dont we wait till game time before we start complaining about the attendance

Guys you are all being very depressed. Let's see what the attendance is before being depressed after agreat year allround for crowd figures.

Another point. If the As are so bad why are they in play offs with a win record? Believe lads.