Montreal @ Hamilton

Let’s go Montreal. I’d like to at least finish 2-2 this week. :smiley:

What? Cuthbert calling?? No Black-Aussie Drinking Game?? :frowning:

LOL Did TSN finally fire him?

My liver is disappointed.

Figured it'd be grateful. :lol:

Not a great start for me. Early pick by Hamilton, which goes for a TD on the very next play. Boourns.

Was just cheering on Walker and remembered I'm supposed to be going for Montreal. :lol: I should just accept now that I'm going 1-3.

Cripe sakes. Sack wiped out by a penalty. :x

The sad thing is that I almost changed my pick this afternoon, then said to myself, "Self, go with your instinct." Let's see if I was wrong to keep it the way I picked it initially...

Just over 9 minutes in and it's 14-0 for Hamilton. Wonderful. :lol:

The Als know there's a game tonight, right?

Mighty generous of the Als to get on the board. 14-7. Shamon!

That was a terrible call. Where was Whitaker supposed to go with at least four Ti-cats in the area? And just to pile on, Hamilton blocks the punt and recovers. Oy...

Bit of an embarrassing miss there by Congi. :lol: But it keeps the Cats from scoring 3. 15-7.

What was Montreal thinking? 22-7.

HA! Betcha Williams doesn’t showboat on his next return.

Great return by Williams, fitting that he gets tackled on the 1 after showboating. Hamilton was going to score 7 either way, but I always enjoy watching showboating backfire.

Funny if he misses out on the record at end of year because of that

Sheesh…this is almost getting boring…

Yeah, Montreal better score before halftime, or I might deke out early. :lol:

The ineptitude of this offence is starting to remind me of the early Eskimos.