Montreal @ Hamilton

I will see all you Ti-Cats fans at the game. My uncle has an extra ticket (his wife doesn't feel like going), and he invited me. I'll be rocking my black Tiger-Cats Football t-shirt and my black Ti-Cats hat. Go Cats!

...even though I picked Montreal in the VGCC. :lol: God, I hope Montreal doesn't win. My uncle is a Montreal fan, so it'll be an awfully long car ride home. :lol:

Have fun Chief.... and MAKE sure you yell............ Argo's Suck................REAL loud.....................

That's like the Hamilton chant. I remember going to the Eskimos game in 2009, and the crowd was screaming, "Argos suck," as they spilled out of the stadium. :lol:

lol.. no matter who the opponent is.. Hamilton fans will always take the time to run a few Argos Suck chants through the game... Hopefully the Good Cats show up for your visit and come out with the W.

Ill be at the game too. Go cats go!

Have fun DG.. the old girl only has so many games left in her!

Avon with a nice run to get inside the Montreal five; sets up a Hamilton TD by Porter - 7-3 TigerCats

AC doesn't look quite right. Seemed to improve in the 2nd quarter but it looks like something is wrong with him. I'm hoping Hamilton pulls this one out, would be nice to see some parity in the East for once.

Also props to the Ticat fans, they seem loud and ready to go

Tiger Cats playing tight D for sure picks up a safety; now lead 9-6 with three min. away from half time.

There's that consistent reffing again...

Hamilton scores a TD after an Als fumble along with a kickoff single to take a 17-6 lead. Montreal counters with a TD of their own to make the score 17-13 for Hamilton at halftime.

Kevin Glenn is brutal! Throws into triple coverage, and als receivers. Man, he is hard to stomach!

I had a feeling this would be a solid game with both teams more in order overall than the two we saw last night. :thup:

I wonder if Earl is also at the game with Chief and Drummer?

Montreal's defensive line is the only thing good about their defence, so if those two starters are out are we in for a shootout?

If Hamilton's defensive backs keep this up against all that offensive talent for another half, they are better than even Winnipeg's DB's too and would be the best in the league by far after this game.

Special Winnipeg Bonehead Disclaimer: If you are from Winnipeg or are a fan of the Bombers, note I am making these comment at HALF TIME in case you want to attempt to revise history in your delusional and hilljack state of mind there once again. :lol:

Yeah no kidding just as does also Durant as the game wears on too ...if Glenn gets his head together quick they'll be alright playing better field position ball with this fine defence getting them the ball back, but any more machismo of that sort and they'll give this one to Montreal on a silver platter.

Shout out louder whilst you are there please and set him straight Drummer!

AC is not fairing any better than Glenn.. so all in all.. a pretty damn good game thus far!

TSN cuts to commercial quick to cover-up for the referee as the 13th man for Hamilton! :lol:

EDIT: But the throw likely would have been off anyway if it were that low. That official it turns out was once a limbo champion. Who would have thought?

Turn over on downs on 3rd and 2, the play was there for Calvillo but no can do.

Sounds like your turning into a cats fan, enjoy the game.

Big S.J. Green gets Montreal a first down at the Ti-Cat 10 yard line. Hamilton holds the Als to a field goal 20-16 for the Cats.

For a contested catch, indeed SJ Green is as good as they come in the league and right there with an above-average NFL receiver in that regard too.

Then Richardson almost tops him!