Montreal @ Hamilton

We're less than 30 minutes away from kickoff. Will the Cats continue their losing streak against the Als? ...they better, cause I picked Montreal to win. :lol:

I don't see the Cats winning this one. I think it has the making for a good game though.

Ah I have to watch the NFL Network feed tonight but it is the same feed pre-game and game ... no CFL shown on ...I have no idea what commercials I get instead of yours up there, but hey at least it seems like Carlo's been gone for awhile and I can do without the Tim Horton's ads ...the Sleeman's ones were pretty good though.

Probably the same ad with Troy Polamalu, but now Lee Jeans and Golden Corral and Lexus and VISA on the ads.

There I bet Wendy's, Safeway, and Tim Horton's?

Oh ya I forgot to add,,,, GO CATS GO!!!!!!

Solid fundamentals shown already for the most part by the Al’s but no points …they just showed SJ Green’s OT 2-pt convert catch for a CFL promo down here.

Anyway textbook route, throw, and catch by Calvillo-Green with an awesome apparent pile drive and pancake by the Al’s guard on McIntyre that I wish they showed. Then excellent kick and kick coverage by the Al’s too.

Now Ti-Cats on some serious move this looks like it’ll be a “good 'un” :slight_smile:

First turnover goes to Hamilton. That ain't good... :?

Hamilton strikes first. 3-0. :frowning:

Is there anything better than a warm fire, some cold brewskies and a Friday night double header :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

COME ON! Two fumbles? Oy… :roll:

Oy... Montreal is crashing and burning...

we should have a pool about how many times they will remind us of cahoons record, every game for the rest of the season :roll:

Andrew Hawkins ...I knew I recognised the name ...he was runner-up to Jesse Holley, who as the prize made the Dallas Cowboys, on Michael Irvin's "4th and Long" sort of reality show in 2009. The show was okay for the segments on the field but dumb for many of the segments off the field.

Holley FYI got his first start on special teams only last week, but the physical talent shown by both these guys and a few others on that show was amazing and I got new respect for even so many of these guys who can barely make NFL and CFL rosters.

I guess Hawkins made the Cleveland Browns last season otherwise, but he was only on the practice squad.

Great to see Hawkins actually get to show his talents instead of shifting around the practise rosters and camps and sidelines of the NFL and not playing there. :thup:

One quarter of football into week 17, and Stevie Baggs has the defensive player of the week honours sewn up...

If the Cats can punch this in on this drive, I'm declaring this game over. If they settle for a FG, I see Montreal coming back....

No way this game is over, first its the CFL, 2nd its the Al's

I dom't know... I get the feeling the Montreal players aren't playing as hard as they would be if they didn't already have the division clinched.

Could someone please explain that PI call better than just did Forde glibly and quickly flubbing the explanation?

Was the problem the early contact really? Or was Cox "face-guarding" really if that is even against the rules in the CFL? :? Or was that a BS call (pls state as well team affiliation if that is your opinion too if not otherwise clear)

Yep, Montreal looks like their off playing a round of golf somewhere, and I'm 0-1 to start the week. :lol:

and third its Ham. :slight_smile:

That's why I picked the Ti-Cats to win Chief, but I don't agree they are not playing hard they are just not with it tonight. So perhaps if this far down in the second half they'll just mail it in?