Montreal @ Hamilton

A battle for first in the East. I never thought Hamilton would have the chance to upset Montreal, but that could very well happen today. Go Cats! :smiley:

Nice shovel pass there for first down

Quite the impressive drive by Montreal so far. You wouldn't know AC's out. I don't think I would've wasted a challenge on the spot. Those challenges never go in favour of the challenging coach.

Duval fielgoal; 3-0 Montreal

Not bad. I thought for sure the Als would get a TD. Now the Cats need to respond with a drive of their own.

A pick and a 15-yard penalty. Awesome... :roll:

Did anyone else see a hold on the AP run for a first down, or was it just me? Oh well. 10-0 for Montreal. Come on, Cats.

Hamilton has to answer otherwise could be a long day. Still early though.

Looked like no yards?

I thought so, too, but no flag... odd. Come on, 2-and-out! :lol:

Hello legalbeagle

I can't believe Montreal has 16 PI calls... wow. And that was a pretty brutal play by Dix. :o

I think Hamilton needs a new kicker...

I wonder if it's a technique problem?

Hamilton with the sack

Defences are heating up…

Why would Hamilton waste a challenge on the spot of the ball? Old man Ireland can't see obvious calls never mind subjective ones.

I think challenging the spot on any play is a bad idea. It's such a hard thing to determine that the officials rarely overturn the call.

No can do for Thigpen there on the punt

lol @ 37 inches.

Has challenging the spot ever resulted in a call being overturned?