Montreal @ Hamilton Sept. 28 "Special to this game".

I'm not making this up...

I just got the e-mail from the Ticats

AXIA 3 exit sample

"Make sure you pick up your Axia 3 pro-digestive antacid as you leave Ivor Wynne"

I'm hoping Marc Trestman and the "All-wets" needs them a whole lot more than the Hamilton fans :wink:

Who came up with this promotion??? :roll:

"Pro-digestive"? Better watch out, Activia is finding out you better know your health claims. :o

Some Hamilton fans though might need something to prevent from puking if our play continues like some of our games this year, when we've lost of course. A few right on this site I'm sure are thinking this might be good for the tummy. :wink: