Montreal @ Hamilton - Oct 22nd 2010

It's funny how everyone is betting against the Alouettes because Avon, Ferri and Maypray are out of the lineup? Whitaker has played in games before and is capable of doing a good job. Ferri has missed games before and we've been fine replacing him. And Maypray, well im sure Wilson would do a better job (he's shown he has wheels haha). So, if we do lose friday it will be because Hamilton beat us, not because were missing 3 players.

According to an RDS report this morning, Trestman has stated that "we are playing every game to win until we decide to go another route". Translation? - we're going with our starters until we decide otherwise. Well, with umpteen Divisional Championships, an impressive W-L record, and 2 GCs, it's hard to argue with success!

However for some of us, we will be disappointed not to see our backups, particularly AD, as often as we would have liked from here to the end of the season. For that matter, Diedrick and Carter have both shown flashes of brilliance from time to time. I still hope that the backups get some meaningful reps. Unless, of course, Trestman is playing possum.

Les Tiger Cats ont maintenant Baggs et Hebert dans leur alignement, ce qui leur donne plus de mordant dans la poursuite du quart. Mais les Alouettes ont aussi une bonne équipe. Whitaker a montré qu'il a autant de coeur au ventre que Cobourne. Banks a fait de beaux jeux cette saison et Leroy Vann ne fera pas pire que Maypray. Donc, l'équipe A moins des Alouettes est pratiquement aussi bonne que l'équipe A.

La grosse question se situe surtout à la ligne offensive des Tiger Cats. S'ils ne peuvent retenir la ligne défensive des Alouettes, Glenn pourra difficilement faire ses longs jeux. Or, les Tiger Cats gagnent très rarement lorsque leur longue balle ne fonctionne pas. Si Glenn est trop pressé, il fera des erreurs et son attaque ne produira pas.

Don't forget, Guzman has been dressing the whole season, so Ferri being out likely means Guzman gets more reps and Banks becomes the backup or situational linebacker.

In any case, I really hope Anthony doesn't start this week. There is absolutely nothing to be gained. But I've given up expecting Trestman to think about developing Adrian. You'd think nearly losing Anthony in the long term due to the sternum injury would have taught the coaches the value of developing the backup, but apparently not.

Je serais d'accord pour donner la première demie à AC et la deuxième demie à AM, quoiqu'il arrive.

Par ailleurs, j'ai très hâte de revoir Whitaker à l'oeuvre. Il avait bien fait contre les Blue Bombers et je crois qu'il fera aussi de belles choses contre les Ti-Minous (traduction libre de Ticats :lol: ).

Et on vera si David a pu retrouver sa touche d'il y a deux semaines.

I don't think we'll win tonight, and I don't think I want us to win. Why? Because if we sweep the season series, we'll likely have to face the Cats again in the division final, and the odds of beating the same team four times in one season? Not good. I'd rather lose this meaningless game and come back to whup Tabbie butt when it really counts. :rockin:

What I'm looking for tonight is inspired play from players who are either replacing starters (Whitaker, David, Banks) or are under the gun due to sub-optimal performance in general (defensive secondary). I also hope to God we see Adrian in the second half, regardless of the score.

The one I"m looking forward to seeing is Vann on kick returns. Since game #1 our return game hasn't been much at all. So far, the few times Vann's returned kicks he hasn't been terribly impressive (and he's been less than impressive when inserted at CB). So I really want to see if he can live up to at least some of the hype from his fans in here or not.

Mr. Vann, you're supposed to run the ball towards the Ticats' end zone, not the Als. C'mon, Vann, let's go!

What football team is that? The 2009 GC champs or the the Rag-Ass Rovers from St. Joseph de Yoyo?

Brutal tackling on D. Looks like the Als may not have prepared well enough for this one. Part of the problem of sealing things up too early I guess. Well, play the subs!

I already feel like throwing my manette through my tv because of this stupid game. But instead of making a amazing play and breaking up a play that would of been a td it is called for pass interference. It is getting to a point now where qb's will be throwing for 800 yards a game because ur not allowed to do anything to stop a player from catching the ball. Total bs this is becoming a pu$$y league now. With players getting tackled and not catching passes and making the invisible flag gesture. Really pissing me off.

3 turnovers....bring in McPherson?
Calvillo's stalling out tonight
What's the point of this anyways?

It would be nice if the Alouettes ask the league not to play on fridays anymore. Every game we have lost this year, or almost lost were on fridays so please no more friday games. Really pisses me off when this team is challenged and know a team is gonna come out hungry we fall flat on our ass.

Where is the Leroy Vann we have seen on youtube running like Donovan Bailey? I can swear its Tim Maypray out there. No difference at all.

Calvillo is into his "checkdown funk" mode again
God help us

He’s come close to breaking a couple already
Seems to be better than Maypray already
Patience…it’s better with Vann

Wow, this game is brutal. Nobody looks like they want to be there except a few guys like Chip Cox (total BS PI call, absolute nonsense as usual from the zebras).

Boys are clearly going through the motions and ball security appears to have gone out the window. Whatever. Let the Cats get their meaningless win. No skin off my nose.

A few random thoughts:

Whitaker has been awful tonight. Missed a blitz pickup on the Calvillo fumble and looks like he's running in cement. Kid, before anything on this Als team, you have to protect your quarterback.

Vann also awful. Frankly, he looks out of shape. This guy is supposed to have speed? I don't see it. Maypray accelerates faster IMO.

On the bright side, David is punting well and the IWS wind didn't give him problems on the field goal.

I would really like to see Adrian in the second half. Anthony has taken some hard hits already -- what the frack is the point of exposing him to this in a garbage game where the team seems to have left its focus and energy in the locker room?

Ugly, ugly, ugly. . .

Calvillo is really not having a good game. Overthrowing receivers, particularly in the red zone, throwing into double coverage, not seeing the whole field. This game should now become a chance for McPherson to get some playing time.

Interesting about Vann...obviously he has 2 speeds...a sort of cruising speed until he sees a lane...then bursts
No doubt that's what the coaching staff has seen in practice
I guess it'll take a BIG return for others to see it...

For God's sake...the game is over
Bring in AD!!!