Montreal/Hamilton, do either have a chance to be above .500?

Montreal and Hamilton are both 7-8... each team has a game with Ottawa & Toronto before meeting in the final week of the season... it could be a battle for 1st and a 10-8 record... so which team has the better chance of pulling it off... Hamilton plays both games on the road while Montreal is home to Toronto in the 2nd last week of the season... I say the Als have a better shot... if they can win out and beat Hamilton in the final week.

I'd say Montreal, right now no question, is the best team in the east and I predict them to win the east. If we had Gable, that's a different story but we don't. And a healthy Ellingson and now Fantuz has hamstring issues. Not good.

Montreal is absolutely the best team in the East. I totally see them with 9 wins, maybe even 10 but it will be tough.

I agree, for Montreal to end above .500, they would need to put a seven game winning streak, four of which on the road, that's unrealistic and not necessary, in fact it may hurt their psyche in the post season. A bye however is really what I'm hoping for.

Hamilton May have peaked to early going 6-2 in their last 8 games :roll:

Montreal is overrated. Mullet boy will falter wait and see.

Most of those wins at home and they lost to Montreal and Toronto on the road. If you look at Montreal's record against their division and their road record it is the best in the East. Montreal beat Hamilton and then went to beat Toronto handily where your team lost last week. All of those factors come into play in People's opinion. It is still a 3 way battle but I'm not sure why your annoyed that people are blown away by the Als defensive play. They've allowed 43 points in their last four games, 2 of them on the road.

He's going to get better with experience just like Collaros.

Montreal is a very solid team top to bottom, both sides of the ball. They don't need a dynamite QB, just a good one and Crompton is playing just fine, at least for now.

Hamilton's remaining games are all completely winnable.

@Toronto on a Saturday this time. Ti-Cats should have a stronger fan presence for this game.
@Ottawa Not looking past Ottawa, but there's no evidence Ottawa is going to be capable of winning.
Montreal @THF where the Ti-Cats have yet to lose.

So are Montreal's

@Ottawa Same deal, no evidence Ottawa can pull one away
Toronto @PerMolson a venue that's very hard to win in, and where Montreal has an edge in the series
@Hamilton in THF where the Ti-Cats have yet to lose, but still won by 8 points last time they played.

I think one game being dropped is certainly possible, I can see the Cats dropping the ball in Toronto or vs Montreal and I can see Montreal losing @THF. I don't see Toronto beating both the Ti-Cats and the Als @home. The Als defense was pressuring Ricky Ray all night last night.

9-9 seems likely to me with the Argos getting the gate shut on them. Then again, anything can happen in the CFL.

Ottawa is not going to go 0-3 !? Who do they beat ? I say Toronto at home, they already beat Toronto this year :rockin:

The only way the Ottawa beats Toronto in Week 20 is if the Argos are already eliminated and it's a nothing game. And even then.

Holding Ricky Ray to 0 touchdowns after the Argos had been slicing up other teams is certainly an accomplishment. I take my hat off to Thorpe.

Argos have been on and off all season ! Hamilton did the same thing on Labour Day :rockin: Hamilton Defence has been playing Awesome :rockin:

I don't know who mullet boy is or what he has to do with football.

It is possible -- though unlikely -- for BOTH teams to finish above .500:
Both teams beat Toronto and Ottawa, taking a 9-8 record into the final game of the season.

That game ends in a tie.

Both teams finish at 9-8-1...ABOVE .500. Als take first place as they won their only other game against Hamilton.

Like I said, unlikely. But...

Hamilton has the best shot, with a win next week in Toronto, following week in Ottawa and at home to Montreal I see the Cats pulling off all three remaining games as wins and Montreal will go 1-2 in their remaining games.

If Toronto loses next week their season is over !! NO PRESSURE :rockin:

I have to agree with that. The last game in TO was totally in their grasp until they let the Argos back in and you can't do that with RR. I doubt that they will allow that to happen again. I suspect the game vs Montreal @THF could well be a squeaker but I'll give the Ticats the edge with home field advantage.

I believe he is referring to Crompton, who is growing out his hair for a cancer group that uses human hair to make wigs for cancer patients who loose their hair.

He may well falter, but mocking him for a charitable act is unnecessary.