Montreal @ Hamilton Aug. 27 2015

Not expecting a win at all. In fact, I'll be happy if we don't get humiliated and blown out. The Cats are the league's best team right now, they are deadly in all three phases of the game, and we are what we are.

For this game, if Lavarias can play, I would dress both him and Bowman and sit Rutley. Hamilton stops the run better than any team in the league and I don't want to dress two international running backs just so Schonert can give them a handful of touches. Instead, I would rather keep that defensive line fresh with an extra end in the rotation.

On offense, I would like us to use the quick passing game early and often. FFS, work the screens, flares, curls, and slants so Cato doesn't have to stand in there and get pummeled by Hamilton's front seven. I would also love to see at least one HB pitch to let Sutton or Logan bounce runs to the outside. And I certainly want to see improvement in the short yardage game.

All that said, I am not expecting a win. Turning the ship around after 1.5 years of Higgins won't happen overnight.

I would like to see some more movement before the snap of the ball by the receivers. Keep the Cats D honest, not simply sit back and wait for the snap of the ball.

I would like to see the pocket move to allow for Cato to roll than simply stand there like a sitting duck

Realize this will take some time but hopefully some changes will be made for the offensive play calling to minimize the amount of times Cato may end up on the carpet.

I also am hoping the number of bad penalties taken drops too.

Great points, tony. More pre-snap movement can only help. I've said this a billion times before, but pre-snap movement followed by routes that involves picks and rubs will allow receivers more space to get open and make it difficult for enemy DBs to play man press. Changing the launchpoint for Cato will also help relieve some of that pressure. Get those Hamilton linemen in chase mode all over the field, wear them out and frustrate their desire to hit and sack.

Im expecting another quick interception or fumble to get the crowd into the game. And a blowout from there. Constant 2 and outs and a few costly penalties on our side. Will be flipping channels for sure.

Not expecting a win but keeping the score close is a win IMO. That would allow Montreal an opportunity to win the series at home.

A heck of a challenge .... outch :?

Go Als Go ! :thup:

Key to winning is keeping their offense off the field, which is hard to do if their D-line dominates your O-line so badly that you can't run the ball at all. Then you're left with plan B, steal a win by winning the turnover battle by a good margin, and having a lights out special teams performance.

That's tough.

If we can replace standard inside the tackles runs with some sweeps, short passing to the RB's, that would help.
We'll see what Schonert from his new bird's eye view.. at worst maybe guys down below can pretend the comms are out for a while and just run their own plays with Calvillo :wink:

Once again, the team is in a sort-of rebuilding mode. Popp has said some "tweaking" is required. Other changes may be required as the season rolls on.

However, the Als are not the worst in the league. Three other teams have 6 points, and they are only 2 points behind the RBs. If they can manage to string a few Ws together, they could well be in a playoff position. At this point, that in itself would have to be considered a success.

There will be no gimmees this season, but I think the Als can indeed rack up a few Ws. Practically everyone wrote them off last week, so who knows? I still remain cautiously optimistic.

Discipline, I like your opening paragraph. You always struck me as a good X and Os guy. I recall that most of us nominated you for our OC in the make up team we devised last season. I like the notion of Cato being helped to quickly get rid of the ball, as AC did in his prime. He’s fast and, a good runner and, I would hope that some planned running by the QB is appropriate. I would also like to see some quick screens to our running backs. I was disappointed to read that Lavarias might be injured. Returning from injury against BC, I thought he played very well. WE did beat Hamilton once this year. Hopefully Shornert and company have viewed the tapes of the Ticats and have formulated an Alouette attack that will test their defense.

Probably the backup qb's want to see Cato run as well as it is natural for them to want playing time. Meaning Cato knows enough about physics to know that for his body size, avoid contact if at all possible.

Cato is not a scrambler, but he can move the pocket and throw all over the field on the run.
Again enough about his size. Reilly is injured for the 3rd. season in a row FFS.

Have no problem with designed bootlegs to get Cato running out to the flats/sidelines but if Schonert has him running up the middle of the field I will lose it. One hit and our QB of the future could be history...

Thank you, Niagara. Those are very kind words which actually point to the problem IMO: if you and I and most other members here can see how the offense needs to be fixed, it doesn't say much about the acumen of our offensive coordinator. :wink: Now having said that, I'll give Schonert the benefit of the doubt for a few more games. He clearly had too much on his plate before Higgins was fired and wasn't being supervised properly to boot. Now, he has no more excuses. His one and only job is to sit in the booth and send in the damn play. Someone else will read coverage; Calvillo will be at field level working with Cato on what he sees, how to exploit defensive formations, etc. He has a healthy offense and no distractions, no extra in-game responsibilities except playcalling. So now he has to man up and show us that he can be better than the first half of the season's showing. If a couple of games pass and he's still dithering in the booth and waiting until the last second to send Cato the play, we'll know he is truly not a competent coordinator in this league.

Only problem is that they are facing HAM right off the bat.. not exactly the easiest of circumstances to start off with this "new" staff & approach.

Then again, maybe they take it with a nothing to lose attitude, the ball bounces their way, and they pull off a big upset.
I don't see it happening, but hey, that's why they play the games.
They key ones will come right after, when we face BC, OTT.. teams we're fighting with to get that 3rd place in either conference. OTT scared me for a second this week, but a well-timed Hefney-like objectionable conduct penalty turned that game around.. nice to see it happen on other teams this time.

Yes, indeed, the Hamilton game isn't a true measure of our progress because the Cats are dominant right now and at home, to boot, where they're undefeated. So let's say the next 3-4 games. If by the end of that time, the offense is still where it is now, Schonert should not be back next year. And I wouldn't be surprised if Popp is in full eval mode of the OC. Yes, he said there were no plans to dismiss Schonert at the time of the Higgins firing, but he used careful language (i.e. right now, we're not canning Schonert) that leaves the door open for Schonert to be turfed in future if the offense doesn't start to turn around.

La vérité, c'est que Popp n'a personne de mieux que Schonert à se mettre sous la main comme coordonnateur à l'attaque. Et qui sera assez fou pour prendre sa place au milieu de la saison, avec un quart recrue et un personnel qu'il ne connaît pas? Personne.

Schonert est en poste plus par dépit qu'autre chose. Mais la seule logique qui peut tenir veut qu'il demeure en poste et poursuive son apprentissage. On mêlerait Cato plus que d'autre chose à lui amener une attaque complètement remaniée.

Popp garde Schonert parce que ça lui prend quelqu'un et qu'il ne trouvera pas d'autre quelqu'un.

Schonert can do good things now. He's got direction from Jim about game plans. Then AC will take over the QB coaching and Dinwiddie will give him some info as to what the opponent is scheming while Schonert calls the plays.

If he can't handle that well... But I expect it will get better. You have to support a new coach in the CFL and Higgins just left him out there to fail IMO.

According to Herb, Lavarias had surgery on his finger and is going back on the 6-game, ugh. Sutton isn't expected to play. So we can't dress an extra RB, but we also can't dress an extra DE because (believe it or not) we're only carrying three defensive ends on our entire roster (active, PR, injured). And please don't bother telling me that Jesse "Filler" Joseph is a DE. He's basically a warm breathing body on the line playing purely because of his passport and his ability to switch between end and tackle.

Yep, this is the litmus test. He is now going to receive the support he should have had from the beginning of the season. AC’s i in the right coaching spot, viewing the game at field level. He can get a better idea of what teams are doing defensively from the spotter’s booth. Someone (Dinwiddie?) will be checking coverages over his shoulder just so he can concentrate on the playcall. And as you said, Jim will give him direction. If Schonert can’t get it done with this level of support, he’s hopeless and we should punt him at season’s end.

Can you imagine if Bowman had walked... We'd be really skrewed now.