Montreal@Hamilton 21/07/12 Depth Chart

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Hinds listed as backup safety...I never want to see Hinds play safety again :lol:

Peach is FINALLY going to make his much awaited debut

Peach is anxious I’m sure but he’s had quite a few injuries from what I was reading the last few years. Hope he’s ready to go.

Hoping to see a motivated McElveen and Peach.Peach was supposed to be our answer for the loss of Stevie Baggs and Justin Hickman so I hope he shows us something.

Does it look like Crable is the odd man out ? in the DLINE Rotation because Mcleveen can also play DT ..or would it be Bourdeaux not dressing ?

I'd give Crable one more game to shine ....

Not sure what they are doing with Hinds at safety ..maybe they are hoping he can take over there for Webb and that would free up another import spot elsewhere ..i like hinds at corner ..we need a headhunter at safety Thomas or Ray

i wonder of coburne will be playing ?
will HAGE AND PEACH start ?

Those sitting out, unless there is a last minute surprise, will be OG Baillargeon, WR Kelly, RB Cobourne and DE Crable. So far, Crable has struggled making the adjustment from linebacker to a CFL defensive end.(I could care less if he was some college superstar and high NFL draft pick). Hope Peach can play well, but I wonder what kind of game shape he is in. Boudreaux will be rotatating in at defensive end quite frequently anyways. Hinds is only listed as a back-up safety because Hood is out of the line-up. If Webb got injured, I wouldn't be surprised to see Thomas take his place.

Greg Peach has a lot of moves and he is quick. Greg will be a bit rusty but
I think he will get through Montreal's O-line and put lots of pressure on Calvillo

The D-line 's performance should pick up a few notchs with Greg Peach in the mix.

I think it'll be him and Jermaine McElveen getting most reps at DE. [instead of Crable.]

Robert Rose and Ronnell Brown have settled in nicely in the middle.

EDIT I think you are right in what you said about Crable's performance, mightpope.

[ and in everything else you least on this Depth Chart threads LOL ]

I think if Webb were to go down, Bucknor would take his place and Hinds would come in at corner. Last week when Thomas got hurt, instead of just putting Bucknor or Hinds at his halfback spot, they moved Webb there and put Bucknor at safety and Hinds at corner. So if Webb got injured, and Thomas went in at safety, one of Hinds or Buck would presumably be playing half, which I don't think the coaches want.