Montreal @ Hamilton 2023 PBP Thread

This is Powell’s second start. His first was OK, so I hope to see some improvement.

I also hope that Condell opens-up the laybook a bit, and makes use of Butler at RB.

As mentioned in the “Week 9” thread, MTL is missing quite a few good players on Defence, so it could be a weakness to exploit.

I wonder if Washington will have Thurman “mark” Fajardo as he did Crum last week.

heading down to the stadium now.

let’s go boys.

oskee wee wee!!!


Not the start I was looking for.


O-line failure

When the D gives you Lemons…

The worst part? Powell saw him coming, but still didn’t secure the football.

Pick Leonard!


Nice check-down.

Nice job flipping the field.

Good punt coverage.

What’s the wind like? Flint let the clock run down to 3 before the snap…

Time for a pic 6.

I missed the coin toss. What were the results?

Well THAT switch was a major fail.
Adeleke backpedled to Safety, with Kats moving to DHB. Kats got beat like a rented mule…

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Als won the toss I believe and deferred.

Thank you.
Wind direction and speed?

missed field goal, neither team looking very good at the moment

McAllister almost gave me a heart attack there.

Sorry, missed that.

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Definitely didn’t think he was going to attempt a return after flubbing the catch. Then I figured he’d get stopped just outside the endzone. I keep forgetting how good he really is.

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Will this be the drive when Powell throws a pass longer than 5 yards?