Montreal Getting Their Mojo Back?

Watched the game last night and was quite impressed with the increased efficiency of Montreal. It didnt appear to be bad play by Edmonton to me; it was more that Montreal was a little crisper and better prepared. The final score flattered the Schmoes.

I took 2 things out of watching this.

  1. We are likely going to be in deep doo-doo when we play the Als unless our coaching staff can exploit things they have seen and can change the face of our team just enough to throw off Trestman`s excellent preparation skills.

  2. Great coaching can help a team with a lot of new players gel quickly. Good coaching takes longer and poor coaching may never get it there. We are still waiting to see if we are number 2 or number 3. Im hoping its the former.

Montreal looked like a very disciplined team last night playing away from home. In my opinion, this has played at a high level for years and they have never lost their mogo. Their record speaks for itself. And the Tiger Cats record on the other hand speaks for itself. Mostly all talk and very little action.

Montreal is just like Hamilton. Both teams have looked great some games, both teams have looked bad some games. Just the nature of the beast in the CFL this season. Never know who's going to win.

I think I know who wins next week, and they arent wearing black and gold. After solid Montreal and Toronto wins this week, looks like we will end up battling Winnipeg for last playoff spot (again)

I've given up trying to predict any CFL game because they simply are too unpredictable. The parity in the league this season is ridiculous. There is not a single clear cut elite team nor is a there a single garbage team.

For the Ti-Cats it's very simple. If Burris and the boys don't turn the ball over and if the o-line can play somewhat competent football, open a few holes for Chevy and get Burris some time in the pocket, we are going to be in shootouts every week with teams (See weeks 2, 3, 4, 5) but if they fail to hold on to the ball and Burris gets no time in the pocket and Chevy has no holes (See weeks 1,7,8) we are going to hang around with teams but our defence will fail to get the stops needed to win ugly.

Watching Calgary play I couldn't believe they were the same team that beat Ham at home the week before. Calgary is a bad team and they beat us at home so we know how really bad we are. Cornish who set some kind of a rushing record against us was stopped in his tracks and roughed up by the Boatmen. So Obie wake up and find the problem there's one a big one. :oops: :?

Its called Parity !!

You don't need to be the next coming of Al Bruno to know what the problem is.
It is the Defense.
We are giving up about 430 yards per game average on defense.
130 yrds rushing average per game against.
We couldn't get a stop if our lives depended on it!
Our rookie D/C is getting schooled in every game.
Our front 4 are not getting it done.

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