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thankfully they are loose with the musical instruments portion.

cowbells and hand drums are welcomed with open arms at THF.

NOT by the 2 guys sitting next to the 4 of us in Section 202. ?

well, those two guys can take a leap.

if you can bring infants/young children to concerts with special protective audio gear, folks who don’t like noise can do the same (if they don’t like the sounds of fan noise/cheering).

Vuvuzelas are deafening - at the South African World Cup I needed ear plugs.

Cats should hand these out along with ear plugs for the Eastern Final.

Full sound pressure when the opposing QB has the ball. Illegal Procedures all day long. ;D

Cowbells are noisemakers, as are the noisy dangerous pyrotechnics that pop your eardrums before the game.

well, the roar store sells cowbells, and my favourite drummers also use them.

so I’ll agree to disagree.

remember, if you don’t like the noise of, well, anything, there are ways to reduce/remove noise.

Beware of Adams & the Als. We must not under-estimate them, as they have a very good team, QB, & coach.
Adams scares me - he is accurate with his throws, & on the $$$.
If the Cats don’t watch out, we will get beat up badly.

The replays I saw suggested that Adams was killing us; I hope I am wrong.

The Eagle

I think this team has shown the respect their opponents and havent taken anyone lightly.

Should we lose its because they earned It, not because we were counting our Grey Cup game cheques.

Vuvuzelas were hard to get used to during that World Cup. Sounded like a swarm of angry bees all around me when I watched the games with the surround sound speakers. ;D

ahhh the good old classic.

"blah blah blah bad".

"blah blah blah we lose"

"blah blah blah i'm scared"

but I hope I'm wrong.

;D ;D ;D ;D

We need to look out for the Argos this week and whoever comes out of the Eastern semi the week after. You always have to take care of business whether it is staying healthy, keep playing the game the right way or winning elimination games.

Montreal or Edmonton in a 1 game scenario anything can happen. Both will offer a fair challenge. I really wanted to face Harris in the regular season to get that monkey off our backs that he flat out plays great whenever we face him.

BUT this is the Cats year. Others will fear playing us more than us fearing them.

In this case I think a little caution is warranted. We have the best defense in the league and Adam’s has shown ability to pick it apart. It will be a contest if they get by Edmonton .

sure it is!


I just love posters who pull that line.

Point out all the things that “could” go wrong or bad, but then follow it with “I hope I’m wrong”.

That translates to “I just want to be pessimistic, but If I’m wrongly pessimistic, I"ll protect myself by saying I hope I’m wrong”.

And I believe when VAJ was taken out of the game, it was a TIE GAME.

Hardly “picking us apart”.

It was a tie game.

this is the key.
We’re the best team in the league.
When Calgary lost to Ottawa (Sub .500) in the GC they didn’t say “I told you, Burris can be dangerous!”

If we lose either the EF or the GC it will be because games are played on the field, not on paper.

Although not an expert, to these old eyes it looked like our D played very vanilla. I don’t think they will do so in the Eastern Final or Grey Cup. The AllWets don’t scare me, and I don’t think Mark Washington or the players will take them lightly. my 2 cents worth.

Ya, but I’m scared. :frowning:

When MTL and EDM battle it out for the ESF they will not be showing their vanilla Offences and Defences.

They both will be pulling out all the stops to win that game and advance

We will then have that game film to study them and prepare, just like OTT did to us last year :frowning:

It is a massive tactical advantage to host the East Final!

Thanks for the insight (twice, including once in ALL CAPS).

At the time of VAJ’s last appearance it was 14-6 MTL. Then Evans threw an INT, then Shiltz had a 2-and-out, then Evans had a 95-yard TD drive to tie the game. (Then Shiltz drove for his only TD of the game to put them up 21-14.)

VAJ led MTL to two TDs in four drives against our starting defence. Shiltz led them to one TD and one FG in eight drives. As long as we are certain that the Shiltz success rate is more relevant to a potential Eastern Final than the VAJ success rate, we certainly have nothing to worry about.


Yes, I stand corrected, and will always admit when wrong.

I forgot that quick two and out by Shiltz. I remember VAJ being pulled, then Evans huge drive to tie it up.

So yes, we were down a major when VAJ was pulled, not tied.

My mistake.