Montreal Gazette

As I was looking at all the after comments of the game against the Alouettes, via internetI noticed an interesting headline from the Montreal Gazette.

“Alouettes close out regular season at home with a loss to Ticats.”
“Montreal can only hope they get another crack at Hamilton in the East Division final on Nov. 17 at Ivor Wynne Stadium.”
Herb Zurkowsky, Montreal Gazette October 26, 2019

“Quarterback Dane Evans played the entire game for Hamilton. Vernon Adams Jr. conversely, did not for the Alouettes. And the result was predictable”… END QUOTE

OUCH someone cannot accept the loss.

Someone should tell this writer that Ivor Wynne closed October 27, 2012.


I get the problem of him saying Ivor Wynne but the other statement seems entirely reasonable. Help me. What am I missing?

I have to agree Mark. A slip-up in the part of the writer and a miss by the proof-reader, but the content of his article basically sound.

Dane was Hams second string QB a short time back and you just know the coaches are still trying to get him more experience. Hamilton will be waiting to welcome the Allwets back to THF, count on it. >:(

Tiger Cats beat Montreal yesterday in the Big “O?.

Good journalism is about the correct facts. Otherwise it’s “fake news?. ;D

People seemed to be upset with the content about Adams being out and the subhead about the Als wanting another crack at the Cats
Didn't get it.

Looking forward to the rematch, but I have a feeling there is a good chance we may face Edmonton in the eastern final.


EDM pass rush will give Adams fits. Points off turnovers as MTLs doom is a distinct possibility, imo.

Edmonton only beat Toronto, Ottawa, BC and Montreal once at the start of the season before the Als turned the corner.

After their opening season win against the Als the Eskimos haven’t beat one single playoff team. Esks not likely to advance far in the playoffs unless the Als and Cats pull off the ultimate choke job.

I get the impression he thinks that had Adams played the whole game AND they hadn't rested a number of starters, the larks would have beaten down the Ticats! Guess he thinks that they'll have NO problem advancing to the GC when (if) they play the Ticats in the EF! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
Ticats played a very vanilla game but turned on the jets when they needed to, to ensure the win. Larks just got a little taste of what this team can do. They'll get a lot more if they should meet on November 17th!

Since I’ve caught myself referring to THF as Ivor Wynne the odd time - no big deal. Even more willing to cut the reporter Herb Zurkowsky some slack considering what he went through earlier this year. Off for 8 months while battling bladder cancer. Just glad he’s back writing about the Als and CFL again.

That's brutal. :frowning:

Best wishes to Herb for a full recovery.

X 2.

I was at the game and Montreal is a good young team and played without theur new star qb vernon adams for over half the game and sat their best receiver in posey and sat the rb in the cfl in stanback and sat and they sat their star national linebacker Muamba and all star db Tommie Campbell.

Edmonton will be improved with Trevor Harris back at QB but I can’t see them beating this young and strong Montreal team especially in Montreal.
If Adams played all game the game would have been won by a field goal.

Hopefully our fans give our Ticats a big home advantage bringing noise makers and making a loud and intimidaring place to play in.

Were those stupid air horns as annoying in person as they sounded on the broadcast? I felt like I was watching a soccer game in South Africa.

Are air horns even allowed into THF? For the EDF it would be nice to strategically place a couple in each section in the front row (so as to minimize hearing loss for our own fans), and let MTL know we appreciated that welcome when they gave it to us. My plan depends on the holder understanding the difference between offence and defence.

Prohibited Items.

Aerosol cans or noise making devices, whistles, musical instruments, powered megaphones, air horns.

Montreal rules are as follows, stated on their website.
Am I allowed to bring objects destined to make noise?

“Yes, as long as it’s done in the respect of people around. Please take note that objects destined to make noise using a pressure mechanism are prohibited.”
Don’t know why they weren’t confiscated.

That was the most annoying thing trying to watch the game on tv. I kept yelling for them to shut the hell up. But I guess my living room must be been down wind. :slight_smile: