Montreal Game

i think HAMILTON has proven they cannot play with Montreal up to now .

This game would be a good measuring stick for them but I wonder if Montreal will be up for it now that they have clinched first place ?

Any thoughts ?

I think Montreal is slowing down as Calvillo is getting older and their OLINE has a retirement etc ...and watkins is injured

seems Trestman seems to knwo how to outsmart Hamilton

Montreal is beatable.
They are a good team but nothing special.

The Argos beat them, the stamps killed them a few weeks ago, and the bombers almost beat them twice now. I think there secondary is shaky, and they live and die on the passing game.

I agree that the Cats have shown that they are not even in the same league as the Als to this point...However, I don't think this game is a measuring stick at all. I think that the Cats will obviously want and try to win, but I can't see the coaching staff wanting to show anything to a probable near future playoff opponent in a relatively meaningless game...We have clinched the playoffs and will play the Argos...I really don't think it will matter where we play them (Other than for revenue purposes of course) so why give anything away to the Als? I also agree that the Als are slowing down a little bit and are VERY beatable...But we would need our VERY BEST game to beat them!

At this point, I think we are all agreeing that Hamilton and Montreal will be meeting in the East Final.

That leads to guessing what importance each team will place on next week's game. Will each try to dominate, to put fear in the opponents? Or will they sit in the bushes, to lull their opponents into a false sense of superiority?

I hope this kind of mind battle doesn't enter into it. I just want to see both teams play to win, just as they would any other game.

Mind you, if Calvillo should get sacked and treated roughly a few times, I could live with that.

You are underestimating the value of a loud 13th Man (providing 'he' stays out of the huddle ala Riders). In last year's EDSF there were several procedure calls against the Lions. Also, revenue is how we can afford to sign and retain top players. As much as I don't want the team thinking this way, I'm looking past the blue team and focusing on the EDF in Montreal.

While it's prudent not to give away the entire playbook during the next few weeks, momentum heading into the playoffs is critical to success in November.

Agreed on both points…I guess I just don’t think much of the Argos! While I also agree that the Cats should not take anyone lightly, IMO, fine tuning, execution, discipline and rest of vets should be more the focus in preparation for the playoffs. If they do that, I think the wins will come any way!

Not sure why the cats aren't in the same league...
The Cats played flat in both those games against the Als, if they play as a team like we know they can there is a really good chance they win. As for not wanting to show the other team anything I don't buy that at all, the game is over a month away and a lot can happen before then. Saying that I wouldn't be surprised to see AC sit this one out.

Oh n your crazy if you don't think the Cats want the playoff game at home.

Nobody should be assuming we will be in the East Final. There are 3 games left and we should be trying to win them all. Yes we are playing the Argos in the semi but nothing is decided until that game has been played. As far as worrying about showing other teams anything thats silly as well. Play the games, play your best and go into the playoffs with confidence and knowing you can execute. my 2 cents

Not sure why the Cats aren't in the same league? Really? And you ask if I'm crazy? IFs are a funny thing you know...IF my aunt had ..... shed be my uncle! Go ahead and not buy my thought but I would bet MB is thinking along the same lines (Yeah, I know, hes crazy too!). Saying that AC may sit this one out kinda proves one of my points. BTW, I`m not crazy and know they would obviously want a home playoff game!

How does AC sitting out have anything to do with the cats being in the same league?
The argos beat the als, are they in the same league? they also beat the stamps, and the riders…

Calvillo exploits a weak secondary. Not sure we've fixed that. Lemon can't throw more than 20 yards, so we won't know until Friday.

It doesnt...I think that if they do this, it would be more to give him a rest and not risk injury in a meaningless game. But, they did crush the Cats at home last game they played with their 2nd string QB who hadnt played all year so kinda proves my point! Yeah, the Argos beat those teams you mentioned…But the Cats have not!

I'm looking past the blue team and onto the EDF. Cory Boyd is likely banged up, their trick plays won't be fooling anyone anymore, and you can't win on Defence alone in this league. Plus their luck has run out.

I'm glad we don't have to play the bummers again this season. Watch out next year for their receivers and Jyles.

You didn't answer my question...
I know the Als beat us with a backup qb, but like I said we came out and played horrible that game. We are a way better team then we showed last game against the Als.

The Argos beat the Als are they in the same league?

This still a Must win IMO

A Win her will only get Us Ready for Hard Playoff Run.

Montreal is waiting for East Semi Winner to Come to Montreal

The Ticats are not a Good Road Team [b]there 500 4 and 4.

All those Road Wins where Weak Team Teams Toronto Winnipeg and BC.[/b]

We not Beat Montreal Calgary or Saskatchewan

For the ticats to be a True Playoff Threat

IMO they need to Win Vs Montreal This week or Calgary next week

This will Build confidence in our locker room going into the playoffs.

Montreal is The Best Chance at this cause we better home Team the Road Team.

It one Reasons I not renewed my Ticket for next year and Won't till after the playoffs are over.

I am still looking heavy at Flex pack for next year.

Right now This good Football Team but not a Great Team like Saskatchewan Calgary or Montreal

Facts are Facts

To Quote the great Rick Flair "to Me the Man you have Beat the Man"

Everything you said here is pretty bang on.
The Argos were winning with gadget plays and special teams, that's nice but you need a real offense if you want to do any real damage. As for the Bombers I think there season could have been very different if they had Jyles as there starter from the beginning.

Disagree, IMHO. It's a 'must win' when we play Montreal in November. We should win two out of the next three, host the EDSF and whip Evil Incarnate for a fourth time this season. There is nothing factual about speculation.

They should have passed on Buck and gone with Jyles. I saw that in the exhibition game at IWS. That 6'6" Carr is a real threat.

I can't see the Als sitting anybody. I know the temptation would be there, but the game is on October 22nd, and the EDF is on November 21st. That's a month's layoff. All teams need to be sharp heading into the post season.

Also, this is not the Alouettes of old. These guys aren't running roughshod over the league like they have in the past. The have some ugly, ugly wins on their résumé this season. They are a supremely talented team, but they aren't invincible.

The Cats are kind of in a no-win situation here. If they win the game, commentators coughJock Climecough will point out that the Als had nothing to play for and that nothing can be taken from the win. If they lose, then people will continue to say, "Well, the Cats can't beat the Als."

I don't know what to expect from Friday's contest, but I hope, win or lose, for an effort akin to the late-season game last season that was in Montreal. That would be a real boon to the confidence... at least for me as a fan.

4-4 on the road is actually very good. If a team goes 8-1 at home (which good teams do, the Cats haven't) and go 4-5 or 5-4 on the road, that's 12-13 wins. 12-6 or 13-5 is a very good record. Being .500 on the road is what teams usually strive for.

We not beat Montreal at home in years .. and if make threw the Semi

we must go to Montreal

Really I think we need some kind Boost and that beating them this week

would help boost are Conference Going into the playoffs