Montreal game day weather and travel tips!

Okay everyone:

Just two more sleeps til we invade Montreal!!!

My flight leaves at 7:00 am so consider me the advance scouting party! Scouting not so much...partying ...much!

The forcast for game day is RAIN...80% and the temperature will feel like 30'C. So bring ventilated raingear if you have it.

I look forward to seeing all who are coming to the Madhatter, and spread the word around the train too. I'm sure once people get wind of it they'll want to come. (Note: See Montreal Pregame party thread on main page for details)

Also print off the details so you can tell the cab driver how to get you there.

Have a safe trip down and we'll either see you at the pregame and/or the game-game!


If its going to feel like 37C so don't bring rain gear, a T shirt will do.

Dammit that means I'll have to bring a change of clothes for the train ride back.


I think he means a white t-shirt...

I'm going to do everyone a favour and decline on that request. I think I can say with 100% certainty that my bf wouldn't appreciate

Mmmmhmmm, something tells me that you would be 100% correct. :wink:

What time does the train get into Montreal? The train I'm on gets in at 5pm. Just wonderinf if I'm on the same train.

60% chance of rain ending in the afternoon
High of 29. Humidex of 37

Our train gets in somewhere around 1230p or so. We're planning on going to the pub around 4 for a pregame meet and greet.

Just to inform those on the train trip, we will supply everyone with a rain poncho. Now, I would suggest bringing your own rain gear as it will more then likely increase your comfort level in case of rain.

On another note, VIA has informed us that bags and luggage can be stored at the train station in Montreal for $3.

Road XXXXXXXXXX Block :twisted:

Just kidding...hope everybody has a good time and the Ticats win.

I recieved this email from some Al's fans, they are joining us for our party. I think it's great they are coming by.

Here'e the pm:
Hello Jare,

I'm from Chiu's web site starting centre for the AL'S). Myself and another representative will be gong to the Mad Hater on game day to see all you Ti-cat fans.

We will have some signed stuff to give away from the site,and we will be taking some photo's of the event.

We were in Hamilton last game and have some great photo's from that night up on the site.

Looking forward to seeing all you die hard Ti-cat fans
if you have any questions you can PM me back or send them to

Thanks and have a safe trip up!!!

Chris Sofonio