montreal free agents

does anyone know whu they montreal free agents are going to be at the end of the season

I think on the offensive line okeke and flory are free agents but at the very least flory is expected to resign after the unpleasant experience he had last time he tried the market

Okeke is not an FA, our O-Line will be there in 2006....

These are the one that I know so far:


You can also check the following link...where I created a file with all the contract signing...

Hm mostly veterans on that listso they shouldnt be hard to resign for the most part. Stewart has said he might not return and Karikari will be highly sought after. The rest wouldl ikely be resigned

If you don't offer Karikari a good contract, i can easily see him going elsewhere for more money.

Ed Philion won't be a free agent. He signed a three years extension just last week. The dude will play is whole career in an Alouettes jersey. Good for us.

Where have you seen that info...? Got a url ?

Philion's contract extension was reported awhile back in the Gazette, if memory serves.

They should really make an effort to re-sign Stewart and placate him after alienating him this season. Stewart is an outstanding defensive end and I don't want to see him leave. In fact, anyone know what Marc Megna is doing right now? I wouldn't be unhappy to see Megna come back either.

Alas, I think Sylvain Girard has played his last season for the Als, due to the rise of Dave Stala. Stala is bigger, stronger, less injury-prone, has better hands, and is more versatile (he can play in the slot or at wideout). Girard has better speed but we are so deep at receiver that I can't see us retaining his services.

Karikari, Flory and Strickland should be top priorities to re-sign. Karikari had a breakout year at safety, Flory is part of an outstanding O-line that is vital in protecting Calvillo, and Strickland is the leader of our defence. Enough said.

XGamer, I was really sure of what I said when I wrote Philion already had re-signed with the Als. But I have since looked in many places to find a proof of it, and I failed to find one.

That got me worried about my own brain. I was wondering if I dreamt Philion had re-signed.

But in one article on's front page, it says:

"Stewart is one of six potential Als' free agents, although one, defensive-tackle Ed Philion, has been saying for weeks he has reached an agreement in principle on a new multi-year deal. "

So I guess I am not crazy. I did see/hear something which I can't find back, but the news remain the same: we should keep the big Ed around. Great news.

I posted this the other day about Megna

Holy Crap...BIG Teddy White is an FA....

What are we gonna do on 3rd &1 ?

Brown looks like he's pissed at the Al's asked them to be relase or he will retire...can't blame him, they played yo-yo with him all year long....still a great guy off the field...

Assuming the FA list to be accurate, the priorities to re-sign would be Karikari and Strickland. I'd like to see them get Stewart and Flory back as well. Flory's pretty likely after the silly sideshow with Saskatchewan, don't think he'll test the waters yet again; Stewart it only depends if he's calmed down from being mightily and jusitifiably p'd off over the way he was played like a yo-yo this season. Girard I've always like but we use him so seldom.....on the other hand, you can't go far in this league letting good Canadians get away.

I still wish we'd have hung on to Megna and tried to convert him to MLB.

MadJack, your priorities are Karikari and Strickland, but Popp's number one FA is Flory.

Popp said: "Not one player is more important than the others, but I really expect to keep Scott Flory around".

What kind of mixed message is that? :slight_smile:

As for Ted White, not only should he not be re-signed, but he should be forced to spend his whole 2005 salary on them crazy bricks the Als are selling to finance stadium upgrades.