Montreal Football

When they move out of Montreal and really see that the team really bite the gun . You have 2 Stadium to pick from !!!!


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I understand but Montreal could not get a baseball team and made them move to Washington D.C
2) You have two many stadium to chose from . I fell that it would be best for Montreal to knock now the baseball stadium and use the football stadium or Rebuild .
3) I would be happy to see a team in Yellowknife

Montreal could not get a team? Duh, they had one for 30 years
Two many stadiums to chose from? Ya so?
A team in Yellowknife would save Montreal? How?
Kinda early in the day to be hitting the sause dont ya think?

A team in Yellowknife will probably draw an average of 5 fans per game. 15 on a free day.

Not if you call them the ESKIMOS.

What city other than Montreal can be the next city for Canada Football League?

Extra Extra Read all about it
Montreal already has a football team/

what a stupid post

What a stupid poster!

yellowknife will never ever have a team in the cfl, if they do i will let u boot me where it hurts, just for suggesting that uuuuhhh i duno lets just say may god have mercy on your soul.... try thinking quebec city, halifax, and if u had to go farther theres lots of places to look.... london, victoria, heck even saskatoon...this whole post is pointless

Ok Victoria B C or Lake Winnipeg

lake winnipeg?

lol lake winnipeg?? are you nuts?

troubled… that’l be the day, lake winnipeg with a team :?

andy625......admit it ...with your logic you're really Daley right? he makes about the same sense with his play calling....or the QB's for that matter

why would someone even think about having a team there? thats hilarious

especilly with the alae blooms and high water levels....floating stadium would be pretty futuristic.....could have one game at at Grand Beach..go to the game then catch some rays on the beach....tow it to Selkirk for get the idea..

LOL!!!!!!!! haha youre funny!