Montreal Flag Festival

Montreal has the jazz festival, the comedy festival. We have the perpetual construction festival. Tonight, we had another installment of the Als penalty flag festival.

JP 54 had 2 holding calls on running plays. JB 7 had 30 yards of misconduct on the same play. Add illegal blocks, time counts, offsides and procedures, and there went the second half of yet another home loss. No roughing the passer flag however, as we did not come close to Mr Nichols tonite.

And Jim joined in with a yellow flag of his own, for yet another bad challenge.

Time to raise a red panic flag. Or maybe a white flag instead.

My son who was sitting with me tonight and use to be a huge CFL fan. Asked me tonight. How can you watch this ?

He's right.

You forgot:

  • Hebert's roughing to negate the should-have-been-an-expulsion hit on Carter, and
  • Chip Cox's useless hit out of bounds

Veteran leadership - :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Loved AC as a player but the offence does not seem to have its "stuff" together on the field

What the F...riday?? Did Jim not get the memo about the rule change? Even live I had no thought there might be a penalty.

Bob and Mark need to start making plans for next season (see "Fire Jim Poop" thread for my thoughts).