Montreal fires head coach

Surprised there is no thread about this yet, but Mike Sherman has been fired by the Alouettes. Khari Jones is taking over as interim head coach.
Typical Alouette move to fire your head coach after training camp, before any real games have been played. On final cut-down day, yet.
That team is just one circus after another.

“…And now entering the center ring, your ringleader and head clown, Kavis Reed…”

Yeah, the topic spawned in the Alouettes sale thread.

The circus is an onipitant theme around here

Boy is it ever.
Can’t this franchise do anything right?
Are they trying to drive away the few fans who actually still give a rat’s behind about the team?

The circus continues…

How soon before Kavis becomes Team President or… worse yet a minority owner ?

Had Guzzo went through with the purchase, he would have been fired June 16th. 2019. The Mooch was going to take over as GM/HC for year one.

He’s there until someone buys it or the league folds it.

Timing of firing looks bad. Better for such change months before start of 2019 season. Now new coach inheriting bad team is at disadvantage in rebuilding.

Has this ever happened before? Like ever, in the modern history of professional football?

Well it was not quite like this, but remember in 2013 when that “country maverick” Dan Hawkins was fired on 1 August after only 5 games and replaced by Jim Popp?

I remember watching some mini-documentary on him in the pre-game on NBCSN in the US for the few games they had like all was going great, and then in that coming week that’s it he was gone.

I don’t know if they showed the same on TSN’s production, but it’s likely.

Calvillo looked so pissed in that mini-documentary like when Hawkins had the players run a 3-on-3 drill up and down the field like in basketball.

The whole thing was presented so awkwardly.

Then golllly that country maverick Day-nn was gone. :o

What in the heck is the story? It’s not like Mike Sherman is without quite the resume.

Sherman supposedly spoke with Reed about struggling to adapt to the CFL, add in that players weren’t happy with him as head coach, Kavis and Sherman not seeing eye to eye on the roster, and the League now owning the team (easily allowing the Alouettes to circumvent to non players cap, which IMO is a joke btw), and here we are.

Does make it interesting though to see how the Als make out this season though I’ll admit.

He probably should have been let go at the end of last season. This on Kavis Reed. Obviously as soon as a new owner takes over, Reed is gone.

I dunno.

How do you DUMP a marquee head coach with an incredible resume’ a week before the start of the season, and replace him with a guy with ZERO head coaching experience AT ANY LEVEL? After just one full year at the helm, a year in which the team had almost no significant talent? Sorry, I don’t care how you slice it, you don’t drop a guy with Sherman’s abilities and history for a flavor of the month with no HC book. This has to be personal.

Just another observation…is it me, or does it seem strange that the CFL has now dumped/lost EVERY head coach with any kind of NFL experience? Marc Trestman, Mike Sherman, June Jones (and his DC Jerry Glanville)…


Apparently, the players were angry at two practices a day in pads so they went and complained to Ambrosie.

Sherman hasn’t been a relevant Head Coach since 2011. You do know that prior to being hired by the Alouettes, Mike Sherman was coaching a losing High School football team, right ?

Never for the life of me could I have anticipated one Hall of Famer’s retirement spawning a such a chain of car and transporter wrecks that you occassionally see on fog-bound freeways. One after the other.

I feel very badly for Alouette diehards. :frowning:

The CFL doesn’t fire coaches. The individual teams do. And both June Jones and Jerry Glanville left on their own accord. You don’t seem to understand what you speak of.

Why am I not surprised that Kavis Reed makes me facepalm over and over and over.

At least I’ve always respected him as he seems a decent person, but then even the whole Bear Woods thing stunk badly on him.

Someone please tell me the compromising polaroids that he has on so many people in this league that keeps him employed.