Montreal Fires Dan Hawkins

You're speaking in generalities. What I am telling you, in this particular situation, is that the journalists were doing their job and Hawkins wasn't. They weren't badgering him or asking inane questions. They were asking relevant questions and getting nothing but hot air and arrogance in return. If you think that doesn't have consequences in a market where football is a second-class citizen to hockey, think again. This isn't Hamilton; the Als aren't competing with the AHL here. They are competing with the Canadiens and the Impact.

Again, I guess we disagree. All coaches in all pro leagues "hide" injuries from the press and thereby from the other teams. Not so much new there. They are also not doctors and cannot diagnose an injury. Also, I would take offence to hack reporters who are not professional coaches questioning my playcalling. It's basically saying "well I wouldn't have done that if I was coach." Those types of opinions are for opinion pieces, not post game interviews with the coach.
It happens all the time, and the mark of a good learner is someone who can recognize his mistake. Trestman readily admitted when he goofed in the media. Just because journalists aren't coaches doesn't mean they aren't knowledgeable about the game. Many Montreal media are former Als players (Proulx, Vercheval, Heppell).
Again, I would disagree. I would prefer a winning coach who was a bastard over a winning coach who was nice to the media.
Did you read my post? You cut out the part where I explicitly say that wining is the more important of the two. You strive to have a coach who can do both: be nice and win. But if you can only pick one, you pick the winner, not the nice guy. Hawkins's problem was that he was [i]neither a winner nor nice[/i].
The media cause their own criticism in my view.
You evidently have an anti-media bias that is coloring your judgment. I've gone to great lengths to point out why, [i]in this particular instance in Montreal and NOT in general[/i], the media are not at fault. But you see what you want to see, I guess.

Well there goes one prediction out the window. I felt sure it would be Tim Burke that was fired first...

Marcel Bellefeuille says hi.

Great coach,
Great with media
Speaks french

Whomever has to clean this mess up may be a case of re arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

In 2014 MTL may well face the prospect of no Calvillo, no real replacement at QB and no Popp (if his annual efforts of looking for a US job are rewarded) and an entirely new staff from top to bottom will have to be found and hired.

That's true, but there's also no guarantee that the entire staff will be purged. Rychleski and Thorpe have both done good work with their respective units (ST and defense), and Mark Nelson has done wonders with the linebacking corps (Hebert leads the league in sacks, Emry tied I think for the league lead in INTs, Cox a tackling machine).

Offensively, it might be a different story, of course. We'll see how this plays out...

lol my one friend always said it looked like he was on the verge of tears 24/7. It made watching the Als come back down to earth all the more enjoyable.

Hawkins was given the keys to a Lambo and was told not to crash it...well I think he swerved a little too close to oncoming traffic one too many times early in the season, and this move now allows the Als to salvage the season rather than watching themselves crash and burn. Timing is really weird however, but I guess during the bye week the team likely had some time off and management/owner sat down and had a long talk about what to with Hawkins (just a guess).

Popp will be a good interim, he knows what makes that offense click. Now im worried again about the Alouettes :thdn:

Fender, I'll just call you Nostradamus from now on. :slight_smile: You were right. As per Jim Popp's press conference this afternoon, Berry is now the OC and Miller has been offered the position of QB coach (has not yet accepted it).

Or conversely, your love for media will not allow you to see them for the unprofessional jackals that they are. Guess we see things differently.

LOLwut? So every single journalist out there is an unprofessional jackal? You can't see how absurd that is as a general principle? Journalists are human beings, just like you and me. Some are good, some are bad, most are average.

Interesting to note that the Als owner is quoted as "asking Popp to coach." Should that be read to mean that Popp didn't ask the owner to fire Hawkins? Seems to me that if Popp was going to fire Hawkins, he would have had a coach lined up or some ideas to present to ownership. What it could mean is that the owner did the firing and THEN asked Popp if he would coach. What I find interesting about that is, it could mean that the players went to Popp about Hawkins and got no result so went over his head to the owner.?. If so, WOW!

You spelled "Anthony Calvillo" incorrectly. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Based on results of the first five games, Miller should be grateful that he wasn't axed with the head coach. Berry will be an improvement, but I doubt he will be the answer for the Als scoring woes.

Hawkins sure was a dandy. From what I read, he did little or no preparation for his start in Montreal. The Als are 2-3 only by the grace of the football gods. If the refs were on the ball in the Edmonton game, they would likely be 1-4. And what does he do immediately after that, takes off for a totally undeserved vacation instead of spending time in the film room or meeting with his coaching staff to try to figure out how to get the team on track.

And now Jim Popp is the head coach. A good GM, but as a head coach?? I wouldn't be thinking of playoff tickets after that announcement.

Put another way, you might blame this on the success of Marc Trestman and Marv Levy.

Hawkins came north after a successful career with Boise State University (53-11), a lousy one at Colorado (19-39) and a couple of seasons on ESPN as an analyst. That's a darn poor resume in the first place, but the error was compounded by Popp's decision to install Mike Miller as an offensive coordinator.

He didn't know the CFL either and they were coming to a club that featured a 40-year-old quarterback in Anthony Calvillo who was used to winning by doing things the Trestman way, and who had an immensely close relationship with his field boss.

So much so that [b][i][u]when Trestman was hired as head coach by the Chicago Bears in January, he brought AC in this spring to help tutor his quarterbacks on the offence.

Think about that - a CFL pivot explaining an offence to NFL quarterbacks[/u][/i][/b].

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The decision to fire Hawkins was made jointly by Popp and Wetenhall. The decision to appoint Popp as interim HC was Wetenhall asking Popp and Popp agreeing. Your last bit about the players is 100% speculation and completely unfounded, no basis in fact or even logic (players going to the owner?! seriously? you think the average football player is going to approach the owner of a football team and risk getting his a$$ cut once the GM or HC finds out he's bypassing chain of command?). Just read it,makes you wonder what the Al's were thinking

an you thought 24-0 after a quarter against Calg was bad,45-17 in the 4th quarter and you lose???????

The average football player? No. The guaranteed HOF quarterback who's getting beat up like crazy every week and likely plans to retire at season's end anyway? Absolutely. I think it's entirely plausible that A.C. might have told Wetenhall that he's too old to keep getting hung out to dry by a clueless coach, and he'd sooner retire midseason than play another week for Hawkins. What would Popp or Wetenhall do? Bench A.C.? Cut him? Ridiculous.

Official top 5 worst coaches C.F.L history in no particular order....drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Beckman......TI-Cats :thdn: :oops:
Bart Andrus.........Argos :thdn: :oops:
Mike Kelly...........Bombers :thdn: :oops:
John Huard.........Argos :thdn: :oops:
Dan Hawkins........Alouettes :thdn: :oops:

Let me know if i've missed any other ones worthy of this list!!!

I'm sure we could add 5 more and make this a top 10 list.....anyone think of 5 more,feel free to add them on.... :cowboy:

8) You can add George Dickson to that illustrious list !!
   HC Hamilton TiCats, 1976, fired after 4 pre-season losses, plus first 2 regular season game losses.    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Good one Tipper,I remember that chrome-dome,Bob Shaw took over for the rest of the season going 8-6,we finished in 2nd place and lost the east final to Ott. by 2 pts.(17-15).Ironically Ottawa went on to win the Cup that year on T.Gabriel last second t.d. catch.