Montreal Feels Unstoppable!!

Well Duron Carter and other players on the Montreal team feel unstoppable now heading into the final game of the 2014 season in Hamilton on Saturday at Tim Horton's Field, the Al's don't even see the Cats right now with their sights set on the playoffs and the Grey Cup in Vancouver.

I think someone forget to mention to Montreal that they have to win in Hamilton first before they go anywhere and that the Tiger-Cats are perfect at the new Tim Horton's Field with a 5-0 record at home.

The Al's seem to be all mouth and No action and certainly feel they are the best team in the CFL but one receiver doesn't make a team, it's an entire team that does and come Saturday the Cats are going to win as a complete team effort, offence, defence and special teams.


No action? Really? They've won 8 of their last 9 games.

No action? Really? They've won 8 of their last 9 games

Enough said...

Your thread title suggests that this is your opinion. It isn't mine. :slight_smile:
Perhaps "Re: Montreal Feels that they are Unstoppable!!", is a closer approximation of your intent. If so, I acknowledge that they may be of that opinion.


Maybe not. But Carter did account for 79% of Montreal's completed passes in the last game.

(I'm not making this up:

Which may explain my shouting at some point during Saturday's game: "Come on D, how could you leave that guy open, of all people!!"

I don't usually like this kind of talk but the kid was injured in the first quarter of game 1 of the season and re-entered the line up in week 8.

He's accumulated 1000 yards in 11 games

The Als are 1-5 without him in the line up and are 8-3 with him in the line up.

If there is one guy in this league who can make that claim its him. Had he played the entire season. he would handily have won most valuable player award this season IMO and the Als would have clinched a few games ago.

Also, they interviewed him right after the game in which Montreal clinched a playoff spot and he had almost 200 yards receiving. What did you expect him to say? Players are allowed to enjoy the moment and be excited about the journey. There is no disrespect to Hamilton here, just a 23-year-old receiver who is excited that his team is winning...

That's funny - the CFL seems to think he has played in 14 of 17 games this year.

Seemed to me like it was the switch to Crompton as starting QB that coincided with the Als' resurgence.

Could be Crompton, could be Carter or some of both. But when you complete 11 of your 14 passes to one guy...

Good. Hope they do! The looks on their faces when they come up against this defence at home will be priceless.

No, they do not have to. Losing with less than 8 points is enough for them to get the bye week and the Division Final at home.

I can see why Montreal would think they are unstoppable considering their string of wins, but the string has to end sometime and next Saturday is as good a time as any. If they think they are going to come into our house and walk away with a win easily, they better think twice. If our O-line shows up in a bad mood, 8 pts is very achievable.

DC is also a very personable guy dispite his success.He usually throws the ball into the stands after a TD and after sundays game I was on the field with my daughter and he was more than happy to take pictures and sign autographs for anyone who asked me included.

Nice story, thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I felt tears come to my eyes.

Duron Carter is a great playmaker, but he’s only one guy. you can be sure the Ticats coaching staff has developed a solid plan to neutralize him on Saturday, and make Crompton look elsewhere. It is awfully difficult to repeat a break-out performance like DC had last week.

Hamilton’s record since Labour Day is right up there with Montreal’s, and Hamilton has both home-field advantage and a lot more riding on the game. It is going to be a great match-up.


I have no issue with what Bourke said. He is right. Carter might have been excited and in the moment and blah blah, but what he said was not very smart. It's the kind of thing that gets people fired up. It's that Ellis guy with his HUGE contribution of 7 tackles and 11 ST tackles that has been jawing off on twitter that I'd like to see eat crow. At least Carter can back up his mouth with his play. I had no idea that Ellis dude even existed. I hope they look so far past us that they see SSK in the EDSF :lol:

If you need comments from the other team's players to get you fired up, you have a serious motivation problem. Only over-sensitive Cats fans would even bring this up...

I call BS on that one. Any human being would want to shut up chirpers. Of course that is not their only motivation, but it is even sweeter when you can stop their flapping gums with a win. I'm not over sensitive at all. I think it's hilarious that they don't realize how dumb they sound running their mouths about a Grey Cup win when they haven't even played their final regular season game. I actually quite enjoy the back and forth of players who think they can chirp other players and then get owned. It's fun to watch.

Yah, Yah, Yah all BS Aside Montreal fans when he comes down to Saturdays game the Al's players shouldn't be looking beyond Hamilton because by the time we get through with your Al's the Cats will be dining on Bird Meat at Tim Horton's Field as another round of Turkey will be sever up in Hamilton.

Al's fans love to talk trash just like their players but won't be able to back it up this Saturday against the Tiger-Cats.

LETS EAT THE AL's RAW TIGER-CATS and put Compton on his arse!!!!