MONTREAL , fans??? Who is coming to, TORONTO?

Lets , fill the place :smiley:

Who is making the road trip to the EAST FINAL , in TORONTO [Yes we know , 3rd A Ten , and congrats , again.] :smiley:

And congrats on a GREAT WIN , today! :shock: :smiley:

one thing is for sure, HT, not me. :cry:

Thanks. You bet now that this game will be far more interesting for me now that the Als are in it. A Riders @ Argos game would not be the same.

Yesterday, XGamer and a few other guys said they would most probably go to the game in Toronto should the Als set up a train fan of some sort. I don't know if they'll do it but it would seem like a good idea.

here ya go, 3nd! LOL

next stop, the 93nd GC in Vancouver!