Montreal Fans like Ticats

Here is a post from the Montreal forums.
Nice to see they actually see the Cats as competition.

Author: hassall
Post subject: Als Beat Ti Cats

Tonights game was a must win for both teams and, the result was an exciting game for the two teams involved. Both sides featured great playmaking on both sides of the ball. Perhaps the game was decided by the many penalties taken by the Ti Cats?

Jason Mass played well [and kept his team alive until the interception by Etienne Boulay] with short passes and some strong running from his QB position. In addition he demonstrated that he can still throw long. Too bad Tyrone Anderson dropped a critical pass from Mass. As Als fans we have to be happy he has found another team to fumble with.

Jesse Lumsden was a strong force coming out of the backfield and, he will be threat to all teams that face Hamilton. Jesse was especially effective when he had Holmes with him in the backfield. I can well understand the frustration of the Hamilton's fans who percieve that Holmes should be used more. Holmes and Lumsden together are an effective duo with one complementing the other. Can a team stack up the line when Holmes is a threat outside?

Tim Chang was exciting and the whole Hamilton team stood up to the mark as soon he enterd the game. He will be exciting to watch as the season progresses!!!!!

For the Als, the entire defensive team played a strong game. The defensive backs showed spirit- that pass through Estelle could have been an interception!Davis Sanchez, in my opinion, played his best game of the year. The defensive line were powerful not giving Ti Cats' QB's much time in which to throw. Etienne Boulay may have showed the team that their long search for a safety is over. Boulay is quick, came up with a significent interception and when he hits..Wow!!!!!

One has to remember that the Ti Cats were the opposition and therefore one has to be careful and not give too much praise to a struggling team. Needless to say this was a great game coming from two teams who gave the game all they could!

Author: disciplineandpunish
Post subject: RE: Als Beat Ti Cats

No offense, hassall, but I saw little to inspire confidence in tonight's win. We barely hung on to beat the Ticats, hardly an accomplishment. The defense got burned twice for big plays and only generated one sack on the night. We had no answer for the Lumsden / Holmes combo. And the offense sputtered in the second half against a young, inexperienced Hamilton D playing mostly vanilla coverage.

The fact is that this game shouldn't have been close, but it was. Are we that bad, or is Hamilton that good? Not sure, but until we beat a real team, this win means nothing to me.

This game was as close to a natural disaster as can be. These players need a brain transplant.

Week 1's 2nd half was a disaster. Week 2 was a step backwards from that. Week 3 was a definite imporvement but not enough. Far from a natural disaster.