Montreal fans getting Cranky

I was ready the Montreal Forum

It nice to see them getting cranky and not us for a change .


Boy are they ever!


Note the comment from the Als fan, if he had been in attendance and near the fan who threw the ball back into the field of play.....AFTER the Als TD....he would have thrown something at his head.. or thrown beer in his face...... THEN I get accused of trolling after offering my opinion of the lack of class....some people's kids!

:lol: :lol: :roll:

Is this not nice to see .. I love for us to take 2nd and then see Al's Lose a cross over ..

You were wrong to police our fans in our forum. No one else in our forum was agreeing with mike, who tends to get very emotional when the Als lose and frequently winds up saying silly things in the heat of the moment. Yes, I agree that his comments were not warranted, but when in another team's forum, you should let us deal with our own.

That said, congratulations to the Cats for a dominant victory yesterday. :thup:

I did not police your forums, I merely commented on a stupid comment about intentionally injuring one of our fans

Our forum, our business. If you know the poster in question, you know that he tends to lose his cool when the Als lose. At such times, he frequently says things he doesn't mean. Nevertheless, our forum is supposed to be a safe space for Als fans. You came into our forum after a very difficult loss and started pointing the finger at one of our members. It wasn't your place.

On a positive note, I didn't like seeing our DBs getting burned by Chris Williams, but I have to respect the way Williams plays. Good young receiver...

with all do respect ,d'n'p, this is not your world wide web.
If you want a private forum , I suggest you build your own.
Unless you restrict your forum to Montreal fans , you have no business telling ANYONE who can and cannot post.

Are you a moderator?

There was nothing that was said by a cat fan that was out of line.
ANYONE can comment on ANYTHING that has been said in a CFL forum , stupid or not.

From the Forum Guidelines:

[i]No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Personal attacks, threats, and just plain impolite posts will be removed and that user will be banned.

The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted, or worse, your post will be edited to make you look silly.[/i]

I've said my piece on the subject, and will let the matter rest. I fully understand that Cats fans probably aren't going to agree with me on this one.

Quote the section where it says it's "your" responsibility to police "your forum". :roll:

That poster endorsed violence against a fan. It's absolutely correct for anyone to point out how vile that is, and since any member can post in any forum, it's not "your" responsibility.

BTW, these phantom rules don't prevent Hfxtc from posting in "our forum".

It doesn't seem like a personal attack or trash talk to me.

If he came in there and said something that was the equivalent "How do you like our team now Hackey Sack Boy?" like the Winnipeg fans did last week, i could see your point. But he didn't seem to take any unnecessary shots at either the poster or the Als.

I don't know though, I'm no moderator. Oh yeah, and I don't think you are either.

To be fair, the Tiger Cats chatroom doesn't have this rule so its members probably don't realize it exists in the Als.

Perhaps it doesn't exist here because due to all the in-fighting (albeit much less lately) there's nothing better to heal such wounds as a collective ambush on another team's troll.

I would miss most other team's fans here. On the great stadium debate thread their opinions are usually the most reasonable.


I had no idea we aren't allowed to post in the ALs forum. It's rather silly that we can't IMHO. I'm glad the TiCat forum has no such rules as I like to read the comments of other teams fans in here, including those of both HfxTC and Diciplineandpunish.

It's just as well that they keep this kind of childish, uncivilized behaviour on their own forum. They should also keep this kind of stupidity at home too.

Making a threatening remark about a tiger cat fan because he threw a football back in his own ballpark. Someone needs to grow up.

Read closly Mr. disciplineandpunish, first.... "heat of the moment." What are you smoking? And, "Who tends to get very emotional when the Als lose." What a cop out joke that is Jimmy. Mike wrote it out and had plenty of time to think about what he was saying. And by the way, the tide is turning in the East and the alouettes time is up. Get use to it!! Is he going to start up with more threats?
Second, "This is Our League" and freedom of speech is a right. You and everyone else would do the same. You call it policing, i call it defending our own. If you saw your buddy getting his butt kicked in someone elses house would you help him?
Good luck Sunday, your going to need it!! Enjoy :slight_smile:

This "safe haven" garbage is just that. If you decide to post your thoughts in a public forum, be prepared to have to defend them. People hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet think they can say whatever they want and get away with it.

And anyone who acts out violently, or thinks it is appropriate to do so, needs to grow up. This is a game, who wins and who loses does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Sports is supposed to be fun, and I think people can forget that sometimes.

What's wrong with throwing the football back on the field?'s a great gesture! :wink: fact,if it was me, I'd find something sharp, deflate it, shred it, and then toss it back on the field :twisted:

The Alouette Forum has an awful lot of sharp, knowledgeable football minds.
If they seem a little cranky, it is probably because they can see the Als in decline.

Dick Cheez is obviously emotionally distraught because of how badly his dirty birds got their asses handed to them on LD.

Give him some credit.. not all trolls have computer skills. Most just reside under a bridge and scare passing children.